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Ditto Disguised as Itself Leaves Player Dumbfounded

Ditto Disguised as Itself Leaves Player Dumbfounded

    Last Updated on August 18, 2023

In a shocking event that should never happen, a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player found a Ditto disguised as itself. It’s something so mind-boggling that even we can’t believe it. However, check out the video found in the r/PokemonScarletandViolet Reddit thread. You will witness the rarest encounter for any trainer to have in the world of Pokemon.

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A Ditto Disguised as Itself?

We understand how crazy that sounds. After all, trainers know this iconic Pokemon as the one who has many disguises. Encountering one is already uncommon and meeting a Shiny Ditto is one of the hardest tasks to do. Yet, the unthinkable happened.

Finding a Ditto disguised as itself is like finding a needle in a hundred haystacks. You can check out the post on the sub Reddit and witness a legend happen before your eyes. It seems that the impossible became possible.

A Ditto Disguised as Itself | r/PokemonScarletandViolet

A user did explain why this could happen. Apparently, you can have the same encounter if you save and reopen the game anywhere a disguised Pokemon spawns. The Pokemon will show up as themselves when you open the game again. So, simply put, it is just a bug that happened to become the best encounter.

However, it does lead us to some more questions. Can you use the same technique to find the rare Shiny Ditto? Will a Ditto disguised as itself consistently show up or do you have to save and reopen again? In any case, this bug might be a game-breaker to the stats of the game.

Hopefully, the developers won’t find this for a while so we can remake the encounter ourselves. We’ll let you know once they find out and make an official statement about it. So, stay tune to the website for more Pokemon news.

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