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Can You Catch a Titan Pokemon

Can You Catch a Titan Pokemon

    Last Updated on June 23, 2023

The introduction of the Titan Pokemon generated a specific interest among trainers in the Pokemon community if they can catch them. After all, Scarlet & Violet captivated gamers worldwide with its engaging narrative and new features. However, these not-so-Pocket-Monsters loom over the landscapes of Paldea. They’re also super-powered variants of existing Pokemon, which poses a difficult challenge.

Yet, you should also not make the mistake of underestimating them. Although catching Titan Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet is interesting, you shouldn’t take them for granted. Yet, that does not stop you or any other trainer from asking if you can capture Titan Pokemon. Unfortunately, you might not like the answer.

Can You Catch a Titan Pokemon?

The answer is no. Unfortunately, you cannot catch Titan Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. You will also figure this out immediately during the main narrative of the game. Even if you also weaken these colossal-sized Pokemon, throwing a Pokeball will have no effect. You just defeat them in battle and these Titan Pokemon will disappear. Although it’s a bit sad that you can’t add them to your collection, there are other ways to obtain them.

You can catch the regular-sized versions of them after you beat them. Once you beat a Titan Pokemon during your epic adventures, you can return to the spot where the battle happened. There, you will find a regular-sized Titan Pokemon that you can catch.

However, catching them is not an easy feat. After all, they were once colossal-sized Pokemon. Before you start the battle to catch them, you should also turn off your auto-save function. Turning it off will allow you to manually save your game and reload if you accidentally make the Titan faint. It also allows you to have unlimited attempts at catching the Titan Pokemon if you fail.

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Orthworm Titan Pokemon

All Titan Pokemon Locations

There are a total of five Titan Pokemon that you can catch in the game. You will also notice how scattered they are throughout Paldea. However, they’re easy to find Titan Pokemon once you know where to look.

  • Stony Cliff Titan: Klawf. You can undoubtedly find Klawf near the South Province (Area Three) Watchtower. Follow the path up the mountain next to the Herba Mystica cave. Once you’re there, you will also find Klawf standing guard at level 16.
  • Lurking Steel: Orthworm. However, Orthworm is a bit far. You will find it in the East Province (Area Three) Watchtower at level 29. Yet, it’s also not the hardest Titan Pokemon to catch since you can find it in the pit next to the tower.
  • Quaking Earth: Great Tusk/ Iron Treads. The Quaking Earth Titan is a unique one since it takes two forms: Great Tusk and Iron Treads. Great Tusk is in Pokemon Scarlet while Iron Treads is in Pokemon Violet. Head out into the Asado Desert and reach Kaskarafa. There, you will also find the Titans at level 35, ready for you to catch them.
  • Open Sky Titan: Bombirdier. If you want some excitement, you can make your way to the West Province (Area One) Central. Bombirdier is an exciting Titan Pokemon to catch because it hovers around the path. The path also leads to an area where boulders are falling.
  • False Dragon: Tatsugiri. Lastly, we have Tatsugiri, the False Dragon. You can find it in the Central Province (Area Three) South near the eastern side of Casseroya Lake. The Titan will be waiting for you at level 40, ready for capture.
The False Dragon Tatsugiri

Why You Should Catch Them

Catching the Titan Pokemon is an exciting challenge. After all, they would make great additions to your team. Even in the regular forms, you find that they are stronger than their wild counterparts. Undoubtedly, these Pokemon will give you an edge in battles.

You can also try finding all the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendaries. After all, you’re already hopping from one province to the other. Why not make a quick stop and catch some legendary Pokemon?

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