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Boost Your Pokemon! How to Get Rare Candy in Pokemon GO

Boost Your Pokemon! How to Get Rare Candy in Pokemon GO

    Last Updated on June 26, 2023

Finding out how to get Rare Candy in Pokemon GO is different from actually getting them. After all, grabbing one isn’t easy with tons of different methods. Yet, that also hasn’t stopped any trainers from going above and beyond to find these coveted items.

Not only will it give your Pokemon a competitive edge in battle, but it also powers up your Pokemon. Undoubtedly, the Rare Candy is one of the most sought out items in Pokemon GO. So, how do you get Rare Candy? Well, the answer to this isn’t simple.

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What are Rare Candy

Simply put, a Rare Candy in Pokemon GO is not an average sweet treat. Undoubtedly, it’s a special type of candy that allows trainers to boost their Pokemon. What usually takes hours of grinding, catching, or trading can take a matter of seconds with a Rare Candy.

Additionally, you can use the candy as a substitute for any kind of candy. A good example is feeding the candy to Pikachu, which will turn into Pikachu Candy. This feature also makes it a versatile tool for boosting any kind of Pokemon in your collection. It’s also the reason why it takes an effort to get Rare Candies in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Rare Candy in Pokemon Go

Winning Raids

Raid Boss Battles are an excellent method to start if you want to obtain some candy. After all, they are challenging fights that occur in gyms that often vary in difficulty. You’ll need to put in some effort and strategy if you want the reward for defeating a Raid Boss. However, it doesn’t always drop some candy, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the game.

Completing Research Tasks

Field research tasks, special research, or event research tasks are other ways to get Rare Candy in Pokemon GO. These tasks undoubtedly come with rewards on each completion, regardless if they are simple to more complex research tasks. You should also keep a lookout for ones that have Rare Candy as a reward. It might be tougher than the average research, but the reward is worth it.

Pokemon GO Rare Candy Rewards Research Tasks

Participating in the Battle League

The Battle League is another frontier in Pokemon GO where you can obtain Rare Candy. It’s a player-versus-player (PvP) feature allowing you to compete in five rounds of battles. However, the rewards depend on the number of victories you have. If you’re confident in your team composition, you can take part in these battles to win some candies.

Using Adventure Sync

Adventure Sync is a unique feature in Pokemon GO that counts the distance you walk, even when it’s off. Once you achieve certain distances within a week, you can obtain various rewards including Rare Candy. If you keep moving around outside, you might get the chance to win some valuable in-game items.

Training with Team Leaders to Earn Rare Candy in Pokemon GO

There are a total of three team leaders in Pokemon GO, which can help you improve your battling skills. However, they can give out rewards, including Rare Candy. If you don’t have a problem with training every day, you’ll get some candies as a reward. So, make sure to make each training session count.

Battling Other Trainers

If you don’t want to try your hand at the Battle League, you can also get Rare Candy from trainers. Battling trainers independently three times a day can give you a 15% chance of receiving candy. However, much like Battle League, you have to be confident with your team composition.

Introduction to Rare Candy XL in Pokemon GO

Rare Candy XL in Pokemon GO comes with the update from expanding the player level cap from 40 to 50. It’s also a special kind of candy that allows you to power up your Pokemon beyond level 40. However, Rare Candy XL is a limited resource, unlike regular candies. You can only obtain them through leveling up or completing special research missions.

Overall, the advantages given by having a Rare Candy in Pokemon GO are crucial. It won’t matter which method you try or which opportunity you have as long as you can obtain them. After all, these are incredibly valuable items that can give you an edge in the game. It also doesn’t hurt to have bragging rights about how many you have in your inventory. So, keep on trying, trainers.

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