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Bombirdier Raid Guide Pokemon GO

Bombirdier Raid Guide Pokemon GO

    Last Updated on April 27, 2024

Trainers, prepare to take to the skies in Pokemon GO with the Bombirdier Raid, a Tier 3 battle that will test your mettle. From April 25 to May 2, 2024, you have the chance to face this formidable Flying/Dark-type Pokemon. You’ll need to come armed with knowledge and the best counters to emerge victorious, and that is where our Bombirdier Raid Guide comes in.


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Understanding Bombirdier’s Weaknesses

Before you engage in combat with Bombirdier in Pokemon GO, it’s crucial to understand its weaknesses to land Super Effective hits:

  • Electric
  • Fairy
  • Ice
  • Rock

Equipping Pokemon with moves of these types, such as Shadow Raikou or Mega Gardevoir, will significantly increase your chances of defeating Bombirdier. Conversely, avoid using Pokémon with moves that Bombirdier resists:

  • Ground
  • Psychic
  • Dark
  • Ghost
  • Grass

Additionally, be mindful of Bombirdier’s movepool, which includes Rock, Flying, and Dark-type attacks that could threaten your Bug, Fire, Flying, and Ice-type Pokémon.

Top Counters for Bombirdier

Selecting the right Pokemon is key for the Bombirdier Raid Guide in Pokemon GO. Here are the elite contenders that will give you an edge:

PokemonQuick AttacksCharged Attacks
Mega TyranitarSmack DownStone Edge
Mega GardevoirCharmDazzling Gleam
Mega DiancieRock ThrowRock Slide
Mega RayquazaDragon TailDragon Ascent
Mega ManectricThunder FangWild Charge
XurkitreeThunder ShockDischarge
Therian ThundurusVolt SwitchThunderbolt
ZekromCharge BeamFusion Bolt
Mega AerodactylRock ThrowRock Slide
RampardosSmack DownRock Slide

Strategies for the Raid Battle

When you’re ready to challenge Bombirdier in Pokemon GO, consider these strategies:

  • Assemble a team with the best counters, focusing on their optimal moves.
  • Coordinate with other players to form a strong raid party.
  • Keep an eye on Bombirdier’s moves and switch out Pokémon vulnerable to its attacks.

The Chance of Encountering Shiny Bombirdier

After each victorious raid against Bombirdier in Pokemon GO, you might encounter its Shiny form. While the odds are better during this event, remember that Shiny encounters are rare and not guaranteed.


With this Bombirdier Raid Guide in Pokemon GO, you’re well-equipped to face this high-flying adversary. Gather your strongest Pokémon, join forces with fellow trainers, and may the winds of fortune lead you to a successful capture—perhaps even a Shiny Bombirdier!

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