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Best Moveset for Victreebel in Pokemon GO

Best Moveset for Victreebel in Pokemon GO

    Last Updated on April 26, 2024

Trainers in Pokemon GO, if you’re looking to make your Victreebel a force to be reckoned with, choosing the best moveset is crucial. Victreebel, the final evolution of Bellsprout, is a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon that can pack a punch with the right strategy. Let’s delve into how to harness the power of Victreebel with the best moveset for battles in Pokémon GO.


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Victreebel’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Victreebel shines in Pokemon GO when pitted against certain types. It excels against Fighting, Electric, Water, Fairy, and Grass-types, making it a solid choice against popular Pokémon like Gyarados or Blastoise. However, be wary of its vulnerabilities to Flying, Fire, Psychic, and Ice-types, and plan your battles accordingly.

Best Moveset for Victreebel: PvP Battles

In the realm of Player versus Player (PvP) combat, your Victreebel’s moveset can make all the difference in Pokemon GO. Here’s the best combination to ensure your leafy combatant stands tall:

  • Quick Move: Razor Leaf – This move is a Grass-type staple that benefits from weather boosts and has a lower energy requirement.
  • Charged Move: Leaf Blade / Sludge Bomb – Leaf Blade offers excellent damage with low energy cost, making it effective against various types. Alternatively, Sludge Bomb provides a potent Poison-type attack that deals more damage, albeit at a higher energy cost.

Best Moveset for Victreebel: PvE Battles

When facing off against the environment (PvE), such as in gym battles or raids, consider sticking to an all-Grass moveset for Victreebel in Pokemon GO. This approach maximizes its effectiveness against Water and Rock-type adversaries. For a defensive edge, you might opt for an Acid and Sludge Bomb combination, which allows Victreebel to attack more frequently and endure longer in battle.

Weather Boosts for Victreebel

Weather conditions in Pokemon GO can significantly influence Victreebel’s performance. Sunny weather enhances Grass-type moves, while cloudy weather boosts Poison-type moves. Keep an eye on the forecast to leverage these boosts and give Victreebel an edge in combat.

Shiny Victreebel in Pokemon GO

For those collectors and enthusiasts, the elusive Shiny Victreebel does exist in Pokemon GO. While encountering one is rare, your best bet is to participate in raids where Victreebel is the boss. The more you battle, the better your chances of coming across a Shiny variant.


To wrap up, the best moveset for Victreebel in Pokemon GO depends on whether you’re gearing up for PvP or PvE encounters. Remember to play to Victreebel’s strengths and consider the weather when heading into battle. With the right moves and a bit of luck, you might even snag a Shiny Victreebel to show off to your fellow trainers.

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