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10 Best Ground-Type Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

10 Best Ground-Type Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    Last Updated on October 29, 2023

In the vibrant world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the best Ground-type Pokemon have carved a special niche. These earthy powerhouses offer a remarkable array of abilities and tactics that can elevate your team to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or embarking on your first journey, our list of the top ten Ground-type Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will guide you toward success.


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The Appeal of Ground Types in Pokemon Violet

Ground types are highly favored by gamers in Pokemon Violet for their robust strengths. They excel in battles against Fire, Electric, and Steel types, providing a reliable backbone for your team. With sturdy defense and generous HP pools, Ground types promise stability and resilience in the heat of combat.

Sandaconda – The Unusual Sandstorm User

Sandaconda introduces an exciting twist to the battlefield. Its ‘Sand Spit’ ability conjures sandstorms when hit, while ‘Sand Veil’ bolsters evasion during these tumultuous weather events. Although its physical defense is admirable at 125, its relatively modest 72 HP can be a drawback.

However, Sandaconda compensates with a broader movepool compared to many Ground types, offering versatility to your team.

Mudsdale – The Stealthy Tank

Mudsdale, a familiar ground type Pokemon from Generation VII, brings its remarkable tankiness to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With impressive HP, attack, and defense stats, it’s a silent powerhouse. What sets Mudsdale apart is its ‘Stamina’ ability, enhancing its already sturdy defenses when under attack.

Moves like Bulldoze, High Horsepower, and Earthquake become accessible long before reaching level 40, making Mudsdale a formidable addition to your team.

Toedscruel – The Fun New Form

Toedscruel is not only known for its captivating walk animation but also for its unique Ground/Grass typing. With key stats emphasizing its remarkable 120 special defense and a swift 100 speed, Toedscruel deviates from the norm in every way.

Its Grass subtype helps counteract common Ground-type vulnerabilities, neutralizing typical weaknesses to Grass and Water types and taking half damage from other Ground types. Toedscruel’s broad move coverage makes it an invaluable addition, particularly if you’re planning a monotype run in Pokemon Violet.

Krookodile – The Dark Subtype Menace

Krookodile’s notable feature is its middling defenses and health pool. However, its speed, a rare trait among Ground types at 92, sets it apart. While it may have six weaknesses, its Dark subtype allows moves like Crunch and Foul Play to excel, offering a different dimension to its battlefield tactics.

Krookodile’s ‘Moxie’ ability further amplifies its potential, boosting its attack stat for every opponent it knocks out, turning it into a terrifying sweeper in various battle scenarios.


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Clodsire – The Competitive Pick

Clodsire shows the potential to become a secret weapon in the competitive scene. With a robust 130 HP and a solid 100 special defense, it can serve as an exceptional tank and stall candidate. Both its abilities, ‘Poison Point’ and ‘Water Absorb,’ offer significant advantages.

‘Poison Point’ can poison any opponent that attacks Clodsire, while ‘Water Absorb’ directly counters its vulnerability to Water-type moves. Additionally, Clodsire’s hidden ability, ‘Unaware,’ makes it immune to any stat-altering effects. Early in the game, it learns a variety of moves, such as Toxic Spikes, Poison Jab, Sludge Wave, Toxic, and Earthquake, making it a potent addition to any team.

Hippowdon – The Sandstorm Specialist

Hippowdon has been a favored sandstorm user since its debut in Generation IV, and it continues to shine in Pokemon Violet. Its ‘Sandstream’ ability automatically triggers sandstorms without consuming a move slot, making it a valuable team player.

Hippowdon’s hidden ability, ‘Sand Force,’ enhances its Ground-type moves and Rock-type moves, making it an asset for setting up entry hazards like Stealth Rock. While its competitive presence has diminished in recent titles, Hippowdon remains a reliable pure Ground type for your adventures in Pokemon Violet.

Sandy Shocks Magneton – The Special Attacker

An image of Sandy Shocks. Best Ground Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Image.

Magneton’s new Ground subtype alters its resistances and vulnerabilities. While it loses its previous weaknesses to Fire and Fighting types, it gains new ones to Water, Grass, and Ice. However, Sandy Shocks

Magneton’s high special attack stat of 121 distinguishes it from its peers, transforming its moveset. It leans toward special attack-oriented moves, such as Earth Power, allowing it to function as a formidable special attacker.

Great Tusk Donphan – The Fighting Version

An image of Great Tusk. Best Ground Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Image.

Great Tusk Donphan, a new form introduced in Pokemon Violet, shares some similarities with Ting-Lu but also faces similar challenges. It has six weaknesses, making its role as a tank more challenging. However, Donphan’s newly acquired Fighting subtype provides an edge in physical attacking capabilities, boasting an impressive 131 attack stat.

It gains access to typical Ground-type moves like Earthquake, and also wields potent physical Fighting-type moves through level-up, including Brick Break and Close Combat, diversifying its battle tactics.

Ting-Lu – The Legendary Titan

An image of Ting Lu. Best Ground Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Image.

Ting-Lu, one of several new legendaries introduced in Pokemon Violet, takes the stage as a Dark/Ground type with formidable stats. It possesses an incredible 165 HP, complemented by a strong 110 attack and 130 defense.

Ting-Lu’s ‘Vessel of Ruin’ ability lowers the opponent’s special attack, making it a challenging adversary. However, it faces vulnerabilities against types like Water, Grass, and Fighting. Although it may not become a staple among legendaries, its impressive stats merit its mention among the best Ground types in the game.

Garchomp – The Competitive Staple

An image of Garchomp. Best Ground Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Image.

Garchomp, a competitive favorite since its debut in Diamond and Pearl, boasts a remarkable Dragon and Ground typing. Its stats are well-rounded, with over 100 in both speed and HP, and a formidable 130 base attack. Garchomp’s versatility sets it apart.

It can transition between offense and defense, excelling as an attacker with access to potent physical moves like Earthquake and Scale Shot. Simultaneously, it can adopt a tanky role, utilizing moves like Stealth Rock and Toxic to control the battlefield. Garchomp’s enduring popularity in competitive battles remains unchanged.

In your quest through the mesmerizing world of Pokemon Violet, your choice of Ground-type Pokemon will play a pivotal role in your success. Each of these remarkable creatures brings unique abilities and tactics to the table, catering to various strategies and preferences.

Whether you seek a resilient tank, a relentless attacker, or an unwavering wall, the Ground types in Pokemon Violet offer something for every trainer. As you embark on your adventure, consider these top Ground-type picks for a thrilling journey in the Pokemon Violet universe.

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