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What is Theurgy in Persona 3 Reload- Complete Guide

What is Theurgy in Persona 3 Reload- Complete Guide

    Last Updated on February 5, 2024

Persona 3 Reload breathes new life into the classic RPG with the introduction of Theurgy, a set of ultimate abilities that empower the members of SEES. These powerful attacks can turn the tide in battle, offering players a fresh and dynamic combat experience. Understanding how to unlock and effectively use Theurgy is key to mastering the challenges that await in the Dark Hour.


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How to Unlock Theurgy in Persona 3 Reload

Theurgy Persona 3 Reload

Theurgy in Persona 3 Reload becomes available to players on a significant date—June 13—coinciding with the acquisition of new SEES outfits exclusive to the remake. This milestone in the game unlocks the potential for each character to perform their unique Theurgy attack.

This attack is indicated by a special gauge next to their health bar in the battle UI. Once this feature is unlocked, players can look forward to unleashing these devastating moves against their foes.

How to Charge Theurgy Abilities

Each character in Persona 3 Reload charges their Theurgy attack differently, reflecting their distinct personalities and combat roles. For example, the protagonist charges his Theurgy by using Persona skills, while Yukari’s gauge fills when she employs healing abilities. Understanding these unique charging methods is crucial for planning your strategy and making the most of each character’s Theurgy in battle.

The Main Character’s Fusion Spells

The main character’s Theurgy takes the form of Fusion Spells in “Persona 3 Reload,” which are unlocked through Special Fusions in the Velvet Room. These powerful combinations involve two Personas acting in unison to deliver a devastating attack. Players can experiment with different Persona pairings to discover a variety of Fusion Spells, each with its own strategic advantages.

All Theurgy Attacks in Persona 3 Reload

Each SEES member has a unique Theurgy attack, which charges based on their actions in battle:

  • Protagonist – Fusion Spells: Depends on the Fusion Spell selected. To charge his Theurgy gauge, you have to use Persona skills
  • Yukari Takeba – Cyclone Arrow: Deals severe Wind damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances. To charge her Theurgy gauge, Yukari needs to use Healing Skills
  • Junpei Iori – Hack n’ Blast: Deals 5 weak hits with high damage variance, followed by a strong, 6th hit, and a 7th one stronger than that. To charge his Theurgy gauge, Junpei needs to land Critical hits.
  • Mitsuru Kirijo – Blizzard Edge: Deals severe Ice damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances. Can afflict Freeze. To charge her Theurgy gauge in Persona 3 Reload, Mitsuru needs to inflict or receive a Debuff Skill
  • Akihiko Sanada – Lightning Spike: Deals heavy Electric damage to all foes, ignoring resistances. Can afflict Shock. To charge his Theurgy gauge, Akihiko needs to use a Support Skill on himself
  • Aigis – Orgia Mode: Heavy Pierce dmg to all foes, ignoring resistances. Ignores orders for three turns and uses random attacks. Once done with Orgia Mode, Aigis will remain in a weaker state for two consecutive turns. She can charge her Theurgy gauge by using Strength-based Skills
  • Koromaru – Hound of Hades: Deals severe Dark damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances. Koromaru charges his Theurgy gauge each turn, but faster when his SP is less than half.
  • Ken Amada – Divine Retribution: Deals severe Light damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances. Amada charges his Theurgy gauge each turn, but faster when his SP is less than half.
  • Shinjiro Aragaki – Bleeding Fury: Deals severe Strike damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances. Aragaki charges his Theurgy gauge each turn, but faster when his SP is less than half.


Theurgy abilities add a thrilling layer of depth to “Persona 3 Reload,” allowing players to execute powerful attacks that reflect the unique traits of each SEES member. By unlocking and mastering Theurgy, you’ll enhance your combat capabilities and enjoy a richer, more engaging battle experience.

Embrace the power of Theurgy and let it guide you to triumph against the shadows that threaten the world of Persona 3 Reload.

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