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Strength Social Link (Yuko) Persona 3 Reload: Complete Guide

Strength Social Link (Yuko) Persona 3 Reload: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on April 4, 2024

In Persona 3 Reload, the Strength Social Link with Yuko Nishiwaki is a journey that intertwines the excitement of high school sports with personal growth. As you balance your life as a student and a member of SEES, developing Social Links is essential. This guide will walk you through unlocking and nurturing this important relationship.


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Your path to the Strength Social Link in Persona 3 Reload begins on the track field, where competition paves the way for new friendships. To meet Yuko, you’ll need to join the Track Team, an event that automatically occurs on April 23rd. After practice, you’ll encounter Yuko at the shoe lockers, and while she may initially decline your invitation to walk home together, persistence pays off. The next time you ask, she’ll accept, leading to a charming scene at Cafe Chagall and the start of your Strength Social Link, provided you’ve reached Level Four Courage.

Spending Time with Yuko

Yuko is available to spend time with you on days when there’s no track practice. You can find her waiting at the end of the 2F Hallway at Gekkoukan High. It’s important to note that Yuko also plays a role in unlocking Mutatsu’s Social Link. During her Rank 4 scene, she’ll mention a monk at Club Escapade. This triggers his appearance and the opportunity to form another Social Link.

Advancing your Strength Social Link with Yuko hinges on the dialogue choices you make during your interactions. Below is a table of dialogue choices and the points they yield for each rank:

RankDialogueBest ResponsePoints with a Matching PersonaPoints Without
1“Are you enjoying track and field?”“It’s fun.”00
2“Also, I wasn’t really in the mental state to do this alone today.”“What happened?”32
“And before I knew this, I’d dozed off. I ended up handing in a blank paper.”“It wasn’t your fault.”10
3“Going that far would’ve been crossing the line.”“Do you know who did it?”10
“They called you my boyfriend. That must have made you feel awkward, huh?”“I’m honored.”10
4“What do you think I should do?”“Why not give it a go?”32
“I mean, why not, right? Please?”“Sure thing.”10
5“Elementary school kids really learn fast, don’t you think?”“It’s because you teach so well.”21
6“… Oh, (Your Name), why don’t you give them some advice, too?”“You guys got this.”10
7“They called you my boyfriend till the very end.”“Wanna make that true?”00
8“Hmm… Oh, do you like children?”“I do.”00
“Would you want it to be a boy or a girl?”“A girl.”10
9“All it did was make me more confused than I originally was. Guess I’ll have to go ask again tomorrow.”Any response00
“Can you guess what it is?”“An instructor.”32
“Are you like this… just with me? N-No, no, th-that can’t be it, huh…”“It’s because I love you.” (Romance)

“It’s because you’re a close friend.” (Friends)

Achieving Rank 10 in the Strength Social Link

Reaching the pinnacle of the Strength Social Link with Yuko in Persona 3 Reload is a rewarding experience. Upon achieving rank 10, Yuko will present you with the Kids’ Letter,. It is a token of the bond you’ve formed. This item unlocks the fusion of Atavaka, the Ultimate Persona of the Strength Arcana. Granting you access to one of the most powerful allies in your battle against the Shadows.


The Strength Social Link in Persona 3 Reload is more than just a series of after-school hangouts; it’s a journey of mutual support and understanding with Yuko Nishiwaki. By carefully selecting your responses and dedicating time to this Social Link. You’ll unlock powerful Personas and gain a deeper insight into Yuko’s aspirations and challenges

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