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Servant Tower Persona 3 Reload Walkthrough

Servant Tower Persona 3 Reload Walkthrough

    Last Updated on February 27, 2024

As you ascend the mysterious floors of Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload, you’ll encounter the Servant Tower, a formidable Gatekeeper Shadow on the 47th floor. This Shadow not only challenges your combat skills but also tests your strategic thinking with its ability to summon reinforcements.

To progress in your journey and conquer the darkened corridors of Tartarus, mastering the battle against the Servant Tower in Persona 3 Reload is essential.


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The Servant Tower Overview in Persona 3 Reload

Servant Tower Persona 3 Reload Walkthrough image

Servant Tower Affinities


Enslaved Cupid Affinities


The Servant Tower in Persona 3 Reload stands as a sentinel, barring your path with its towering presence and the support of Enslaved Cupids. This battle is unique in that the Servant Tower can call upon more Cupids if you defeat one before it.

To prevent a prolonged fight, it’s crucial to understand the Shadow’s affinities and attack patterns. A well-informed strategy will enable you to prevent the Servant Tower from overwhelming you with numbers.

Best Team Composition Against Servant Tower in Persona 3 Reload

Best Team Composition: MC, Yukari, Mitsuru, Akihiko

When assembling your team to face the Servant Tower in Persona 3 Reload, consider each member’s strengths and the Shadow’s weaknesses. The Servant Tower repels Electric attacks, so avoid using Personas with Electric skills that target all enemies.

Instead, focus on Personas that can deal Dark damage to exploit the Servant Tower’s weakness. Akihiko’s proficiency with Electric attacks makes him ideal for targeting the Enslaved Cupids, while Yukari’s healing abilities and resistance to Wind will be vital for your team’s survival.

Leave out Junpei for this fight because of his weakness to Wind. While he is capable of dealing significant damage, he will easily get knocked out by the enemies’ Wind attacks. If you insist on having him on your party, make sure to always use Guard to avoid giving the enemy extra attacks.

How To Defeat Servant Tower in Persona 3 Reload

Engaging the Servant Tower requires a balance between offense and defense. Your primary goal is to prevent the Servant Tower from summoning additional Cupids, which means you should focus on taking down the Tower itself first. Utilize your team’s abilities to exploit its Dark weakness, and keep your party’s health up to withstand its onslaught.

Battle Strategy

  • Focus on the Servant Tower: Direct your attacks toward the Servant Tower to avoid dealing with too many summoned Cupids.
  • Exploit Weaknesses: Use Dark attacks to knock down the Servant Tower and Electric attacks to target the Cupids’ vulnerability.
  • Manage Buffs and Debuffs: Keep an eye on the buffs applied by the Cupids and use skills like Dekaja to remove them, or apply your own buffs to strengthen your team.


The battle against the Servant Tower in Persona 3 Reload is a challenging encounter that requires careful planning and quick thinking. By understanding the Shadow’s affinities and employing a strategic approach. You can prevent the Servant Tower from gaining the upper hand with its summons.

Equip the right Personas, use your team’s skills wisely, and maintain control over the flow of the battle. With determination and the right tactics, you’ll defeat the Servant Tower and continue your exploration of Tartarus.

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