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Priestess Boss Walkthrough Persona 3 Reload

Priestess Boss Walkthrough Persona 3 Reload

    Last Updated on February 5, 2024

“Persona 3 Reload” challenges players with formidable bosses that emerge on each full moon, and the Priestess is the first major test of your mettle. This encounter not only tests your combat readiness but also sets the tone for the looming threats that await in the city.

Understanding the Priestess’s patterns and preparing adequately can mean the difference between victory and a game-over screen in Persona 3 Reload.


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Preparing for the Priestess Persona 3 Reload

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Before facing the Priestess Persona 3 Reload, a week’s warning from a mysterious boy offers a crucial window for preparation. Use this time wisely to train in Tartarus, aiming to reach at least floor 22. This level of readiness ensures that you’re equipped to handle the Priestess and her minions, turning a potentially impossible fight into a manageable one.

The Monorail Path Persona 3 Reload

The path to the Priestess Persona 3 Reload is a gauntlet on the monorail, where you’ll face a series of shadow encounters. Initially, Junpei will rush ahead, leaving the main character and Yukari to tackle the first two battles.

Employing a Persona with Zio is advantageous here, as Spurious Books and Heat Balance enemies are weak to electricity. Once Junpei rejoins the fray, focus on exploiting enemy weaknesses, such as using Junpei’s Agi skill on Dancing Hands, to clear the path to the Priestess.

Understanding the Priestess’ Abilities

The Priestess is a formidable foe with no weaknesses, reflecting ice damage and being immune to status effects. Her two main actions are Summon, which calls Tiara enemies to her side. Moreover, Invitation to Chaos accelerates the monorail’s timer by 15 minutes. Her second cast of Invitation to Chaos reduces the timer by 7 minutes.

Addressing her summons quickly and efficiently is key, as it prevents her from using more dangerous attacks and keeps the fight under control.

Tactics to Defeat the Priestess Persona 3 Reload

To defeat the Priestess, maintain a steady offensive to force her into a summoning loop. Since she does not have a weakness, the only thing you can do is chip away at her HP. This strategy minimizes the number of Bufu spells cast against your party. Pay close attention to the real-time countdown, and act swiftly to prevent the monorail from crashing.

You will have 8 minutes before it is game over so do not rush too much. By keeping up the pressure and managing the Tiaras. You can defeat the Priestess in a timely manner and secure victory.


Overcoming the Priestess Persona 3 Reload requires a blend of preparation, strategy, and quick thinking. By following the tactics outlined in this guide, players can navigate this challenging boss battle and emerge victorious. Remember, each full moon in “Persona 3 Reload” brings a new shadow to conquer, and the Priestess is just the beginning. Use this experience to sharpen your skills for the trials ahead.

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