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Persona 5 Royal Best Weapons For All Characters

Persona 5 Royal Best Weapons For All Characters

    Last Updated on October 9, 2023

Welcome to the world of Persona 5 Royal, where every weapon counts in your journey to change hearts and confront the shadows. In this guide, we’ll delve into the most powerful and sought-after weapons for each character in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned Phantom Thief or just starting your adventure, understanding how to obtain the best weapons is essential for success.

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Joker – Paradise Lost & Tyrant Pistol

Persona 5 Royal Best Weapons Image: Joker and Arsene

How to Get Paradise Lost: Satanael + Black Pistol

How to Get Tyrant Pistol: Lucifer + Model Gun

Joker, the leader of the Phantom Thieves, can wield the ultimate melee weapon, Paradise Lost. To obtain it, you’ll need the powerful Satanael persona and a Black Kogatana. During a Fusion Alert, Paradise Lost transforms into Paradise Lost R, offering boosted attack and accuracy, and reducing Curse damage.

For ranged attacks, Joker’s Tyrant Pistol is a must-have. To craft it, summon Lucifer and obtain a Model Gun. Tyrant Pistol R, available during a Fusion Alert, further enhances Joker’s firepower.

Ryuji – Mjolnir & Megido Blaster

Persona 5 Royal Best Weapons Image: Ryuji

How to Get Mjolnir: Thor + Black Kogatana

How to Get Megido Blaster: Shiva + Model Gun

Ryuji’s best melee weapon, Mjolnir, requires the persona Thor and a Black Kogatana. This electrifying weapon boasts high attack and accuracy, with the Fusion Alert version, Imprisoned Mjolnir, offering an even greater attack stat.

In the realm of ranged weapons, Ryuji’s Megido Blaster, obtained from the persona Shiva and a Model Gun, packs a punch. Its high damage and Burn-inflicting capabilities make it a valuable asset.

Morgana – Claíomh Solais & Sudarshana

Persona 5 Royal Best Weapons Image: Morgana

How to Get Claíomh Solais: Mother Harlot + Black Kogatana

How to Get Sudarshana: Vishnu + Model Gun

Morgana’s best melee weapon, Claíomh Solais, necessitates the persona Mother Harlot and a Black Kogatana. This weapon enhances Morgana’s critical hit chance and provides a valuable SP boost.

For ranged combat, Sudarshana, created with the persona Vishnu and Model Gun, is a solid choice. While it maintains high accuracy and inflicts Dizzy status, Sudarshana R, obtained during a Fusion Alert, increases damage.

Ann – Naraka Whip & Wild Hunt

How to Get Naraka Whip: Black Frost + Black Kogatana

How to Get Wild Hunt: Odin + Model Gun

Ann’s top-tier melee weapon, Naraka Whip, is crafted using Black Frost and a Black Kogatana. This weapon boasts high accuracy and a chance to Freeze enemies. Its Fusion Alert variant, Dainaraka Whip, delivers a significant boost in attack power.

Unlocking the ranged weapon Wild Hunt is a bit challenging. You’ll need Odin and a Model Gun, both available after reaching higher levels. Wild Hunt and its Fusion Alert version, Gungnir, offer high accuracy and a medium chance to inflict Despair.

Yusuke – Usumidori & Heaven’s Gate

How to Use Skill Cards in Persona 5 Royal Yusuke's Skills

How to Get Usumidori: Yoshitsune + Black Kogatana

How to Get Heaven’s Gate: Uriel + Model Gun

Yusuke’s melee weapon of choice, Usumidori, requires the persona Yoshitsune and a Black Kogatana. Both versions of this weapon have a high chance of inflicting Fear, making it a valuable choice. During a Fusion Alert, Usumidori receives a substantial attack boost.

Unfortunately, Yusuke’s ranged weapon, Heaven’s Gate, takes a slight hit in Royal. It demands Uriel, an unlockable persona, and a Model Gun. While the damage is lower than in the base game, it still offers a valuable +10 Agility boost.

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Makoto – Sabazios & Judge of Hell

How to Get Sabazios: Cybele + Black Kogatana

How to Get Judge of Hell: Michael + Model Gun

Makoto’s best melee weapon, Sabazios, can be created by fusing Cybele and a Black Kogatana. This weapon provides a significant critical hit chance boost and solid accuracy. Another option, Gorodias, offers a higher attack stat.

The ranged weapon, Judge of Hell, is a powerhouse, providing a +5 boost to all stats. It requires the persona Michael and a Model Gun. The Fusion Alert variant, Judge of Hell R, elevates this weapon’s power even further.

Haru – Fleurs du Mal & Yagrush

How to Get Fleurs du Mal : Beelzebub + Black Kogatana

How to Get Yagrush: Baal + Model Gun

Haru’s melee weapon, Fleurs du Mal, calls for Beelzebub and a Black Kogatana. This weapon offers a +5 boost to Magic, a high chance to inflict Dizzy, and solid accuracy. Its Fusion Alert counterpart, Fleurs du Mal R, has enhanced attack.

For ranged combat, Yagrush is a potent choice, with its high damage and Shock-inducing potential. You’ll need Baal and a Model Gun to craft it.

Akechi – Hinokagutsuchi & Doomsday


How to Get Hinokagutsuchi: Futsunushi + Black Kogatana

How to Get Doomsday: Vohu Manah + Model Gun

Goro Akechi, a character exclusive to Royal, wields the Persona 5 Royal best melee weapon Hinokagutsuchi. You’ll need Futsunushi and a Black Kogatana to craft it. The Fusion Alert version, Hinokagutsuchi II, provides increased attack and a high chance to inflict Burn.

Akechi’s ranged weapon, Doomsday, offers an impressive +5 boost to all stats. It requires the persona Vohu Manah and a Model Gun. The Fusion Alert version, Ancient Day, further enhances these attributes.

Kasumi – Sword of Sinai & Sahasrara

How to Get Sword of Sinai: Sandalphon + Black Kogatana

How to Get Sahasrara: Ardha + Model Gun

Newcomer Kasumi wields the melee weapon Sword of Sinai, which you can craft using Sandalphon and a Black Kogatana. Sword of Sinai has a high accuracy, and its Fusion Alert variant, Sword of Sinai II, increases the chance of inflicting Dizzy.

Kasumi’s ranged weapon, Sahasrara, provides a substantial +5 boost to all stats. To obtain it, you’ll need Ardha and a Model Gun. The Fusion Alert variant, Sahasrara II, offers enhanced damage and accuracy.

In your quest to uncover the best weapons in Persona 5 Royal, mastering the art of Fusion Alerts and harnessing the power of personas is crucial. Each character’s unique weapon offers distinct advantages, so choose wisely to optimize your Phantom Thieves team. With this guide, you’re now equipped to forge your path and conquer the challenges that await in the Metaverse.

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