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Persona 3 Remake Announcement Coming Soon, Says Insider

Persona 3 Remake Announcement Coming Soon, Says Insider

    Last Updated on June 7, 2023

Fans of Atlus’ popular and genre-shaking Persona series have long clamored for a remake of Persona 3. Well, going by the rumors, they supposedly wouldn’t have to wait that long anymore. A notable insider of the Persona series, who goes by the Twitter name: Pan-hime, claims that Atlus is gearing up for a blockbuster announcement. The much-rumored Persona 3 remake.

The past few months, along with the release of the Persona 3 Remaster and Persona 4 Golden bundle, is a strengthening of the belief among series fans that the remake of the popular game is indeed on the horizon. This is thanks to a supposed leaked footage showing Persona 3 remake in action itself. Although this can easily be a hoax, Atlus is yet to confirm or even say a word regarding it. Which, in turn, further fans the flames of rumors.

Persona 3 Remake Rumors

According to Pan-hime, who is also a dataminer, Atlus’ official announcement of the Persona 3 Remake is close. Perhaps just waiting for the proper time to drop the bombshell of an announcement. That said, Pan-hime didn’t provide any specifics about when and how Atlus plans to announce the game. He simply said that an announcement is coming regarding it, and that is it.

Persona 3 Remake Leaks

On the flip side, the fact that the insider isn’t being too direct may imply that he does indeed have more info about the situation. Furthermore, Atlus itself went on to say just recently that its focus at the moment remains on making its games available across all platforms. Many see this as a “wink-wink” that the developers are indeed working on a Persona game remake. And if they do, expect it to be available for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and even the PC.

Take note that Pan-hime isn’t the only insider saying that Persona 3 Remake is coming. In fact, more and more supposedly Persona insiders are popping up by the minute saying the exact same thing. One user, who goes by the name ResetEra, even states that the highly-anticipated announcement will take place at the upcoming Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. Mind you, that is just a few days away. June 11 to be exact.

Final Words

At the end of the day, these are just rumors. Take them with a pinch of salt and do not expect too much not until Atlus itself releases an official announcement. Nevertheless, it is certainly hard not to get excited about the prospect of a Persona 3 remake. The popular Persona entry has tons of fans eager to re-experience its mature themes and dark undertones in a newer light. Better yet, giving the newer generation the chance to experience this wonderful game for the first time is just way too exciting.

We honestly believe that Atlus is now done milking the Persona 5 property. It is now ready to put another game into the spotlight. If not the rumored Persona 3 remake, perhaps Persona 6? Or maybe another Persona 5 spin-off (if they aren’t tired of it yet)? Only time will tell.

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