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Persona 3 Reload New Game Plus: All You Need to Know

Persona 3 Reload New Game Plus: All You Need to Know

    Last Updated on March 10, 2024

After the credits roll and the final cutscenes conclude in Persona 3 Reload, your journey through the dark hour doesn’t have to end. The New Game Plus mode beckons, offering a chance to relive the adventure with a host of advantages carried over from your initial playthrough. This guide will navigate you through the ins and outs of Persona 3 Reload New Game Plus, ensuring you’re fully prepared to maximize this second round.


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How to Start New Game Plus in Persona 3 Reload

To embark on New Game Plus, follow these steps after completing the game with the Good Ending:

  1. Watch the credits and post-credits scenes.
  2. Save your game when prompted; this creates a “Clear Data” save file.
  3. Return to the main menu, which will now have a new appearance.
  4. Select “Load Game” and choose your Clear Data save to begin New Game Plus.

This process ensures you retain certain achievements and benefits, giving you a head start in your new adventure.

Benefits of New Game Plus in Persona 3 Reload

New Game Plus is not just a simple replay; it’s an enhanced experience that allows you to carry over a wealth of progress:

  • Every registered Persona in the Compendium
  • Analysis information of all encountered Shadows and bosses
  • Stat changes to Personas from various sources
  • Social Stats and the protagonist’s level
  • Boosts to HP and SP from items and cards
  • Equipment, Skill Cards, Gems, Materials, and Money
  • Twilight Fragments and Costumes (excluding SEES uniforms)
  • Key items for Persona unlocks and certain souvenir items

What Carries Over to New Game Plus in Persona 3 Reload

When you dive into New Game Plus in Persona 3 Reload, you’ll find that much of your progress is retained to give you an edge. Here’s what you can expect to carry over:

  • Your entire Persona Compendium, ready for summoning
  • Detailed analysis data for all previously encountered foes
  • Enhanced stats for Personas and the protagonist, thanks to Arcana cards and incense
  • Social Stats that reflect your interpersonal growth
  • A well-stocked inventory of items and equipment, along with your accumulated wealth
  • Precious Twilight Fragments and a variety of costumes to keep your team stylish

This continuity allows you to focus on new goals and challenges, rather than retracing your steps.

What Doesn’t Carry Over

Despite the many advantages of New Game Plus, certain aspects of Persona 3 Reload will reset:

  • Progress on Elizabeth’s Requests and Missing Persons
  • Levels of party members other than the protagonist
  • Evolved Personas and their associated Theurgy abilities
  • Shuffle Time cards and unlocked Tartarus blocks
  • Social Link ranks and the current Persona stock
  • The endgame inventory of shops

These elements will need to be rediscovered or re-achieved in your new playthrough.

The Merciless Difficulty Exception

If you choose to tackle New Game Plus on the Merciless difficulty, be aware that only certain items, such as costumes and souvenir gifts, will carry over. This mode is designed for those seeking the ultimate challenge, stripping away many of the benefits typically granted in New Game Plus.

Strategies for Maximizing New Game Plus

To make the most of New Game Plus in Persona 3 Reload, focus on strategic Persona fusion and selection during Shuffle Time. With the potential to start a game with maxed-out stats, you can create an unstoppable protagonist. Additionally, use your knowledge of the game’s systems and mechanics to streamline your progress and uncover every secret the game has to offer.


Persona 3 Reload New Game Plus is an opportunity to deepen your connection with the story, characters, and world of Persona 3. With the right preparation and understanding of what lies ahead, you can craft an even more fulfilling experience the second time around. Embrace the chance to perfect your strategies, complete your Compendium, and experience the full breadth of what Persona 3 Reload has to offer.

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