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Moon Social Link (Nozomi) Persona 3 Reload: Complete Guide

Moon Social Link (Nozomi) Persona 3 Reload: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on April 4, 2024

In Persona 3 Reload, the Moon Social Link with Nozomi Suemitsu offers a journey through the life of the self-proclaimed Gourmet King. The Moon Social Link not only provides a deeper understanding of Nozomi’s character but also grants powerful bonuses to Moon Arcana Personas. Let’s delve into how you can unlock and advance this Social Link to reap its benefits.


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To initiate the Moon Social Link, you must first encounter Nozomi Suemitsu. To unlock Nozomi, you have to talk to Kenji Tomochika on May 8th. In your talk, he mentions the Gourmet King at the Paulownia Mall.

After this conversation, Nozomi will start appearing at Paulownia Mall. Before you can engage him in a Social Link, you’ll need to have at least Level Two Charm. Once you meet this requirement, Nozomi will quiz you on your knowledge of local eateries, and you must provide him with an Odd Morsel from Tartarus to start the Moon Social Link.

Nozomi’s Gourmet Quiz

Passing Nozomi’s quiz is the first step to forming the Moon Social Link in Persona 3 Reload. Here are the correct answers to his questions:

QuestionCorrect Answer
Most popular drink at the cafe?Pheremone Coffee
Color of Azuki-chan’s skirt?Red
Secret menu item at Hagakure?Hagakure Bowl

Once you establish the Moon Social Link in Persona 3 Reload, you’ll need to choose the right responses to Nozomi’s questions to strengthen your bond. Below is a table of the best responses for each rank. Along with the points they yield with and without a matching Moon Arcana Persona:

RankDialogueBest ResponsePoints (With Moon Persona)Points (Without)
2“Well? Would you wanna be… my younger brother?”“Sure, why not.”32
3“Do you get me? Say my name!”“You’re the Gourmet King!”32
4“(Nozomi looks pale.)”“Are you sick?”32
5“Right, (Your Name)?”“That’s right.”32
6“I don’t get it – I felt fine until a minute ago…”“Are you sick?”32
7“I hope that wasn’t too freaky.”“That’s ridiculous!”00
8“Look at me! I’m paper-thin now!”“You do look thinner.”00
9Rank Nine sceneContinue the scene
10“But if I keep this up, I’ll never be able to replace my brother, will I?”“Just be yourself.”32

Reaching Moon Social Link Rank 10

Progressing through the Moon Social Link in Persona 3 Reload with Nozomi Suemitsu culminates in reaching rank 10. At rank 10, you will receive the Gourmet License. This item is essential for fusing Sandalphon, the Ultimate Persona of the Moon Arcana. To ensure a smooth journey to this rank, always carry a Moon Arcana Persona during your interactions with Nozomi to maximize the points gained.


The Moon Social Link in Persona 3 Reload is a path filled with culinary adventures and personal growth for Nozomi Suemitsu. By carefully selecting your responses and dedicating time to this Social Link. You’ll unlock powerful Personas and gain a deeper understanding of Nozomi’s world.

Remember, each Social Link you nurture contributes to your strength in the battle against Shadows. Engage with Nozomi and share in his gourmet passion. Let the Moon Arcana guide you to victory.

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