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Makoto Nijima Priestess Confidant Guide Persona 5 Royal

Makoto Nijima Priestess Confidant Guide Persona 5 Royal

    Last Updated on January 26, 2024

In the universe of “Persona 5 Royal,” Makoto Nijima emerges as a character whose initial skepticism towards the Phantom Thieves evolves into one of the most enriching bonds in the game.

As the Priestess Arcana, she represents wisdom and spiritual power. You can utilize this arcana by deepening your confidant relationship with her. This guide will walk you through each step of Makoto Nijima’s confidant, to help you make the right choices to maximize your bond.


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Makoto Nijima: Everything You Should Know

Makoto Nijima Priestess Confidant Guide Image

Makoto’s Persona, Johanna, embodies the attributes of the High Priestess Arcana—wisdom and spiritual strength. These traits are mirrored in Makoto Nijima’s character development throughout the game.

You can typically find Makoto ready to hang out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, rain or shine. You can find her outside the student council room during school days or outside the school gate during weekends or holidays. Each encounter with Makoto is an opportunity to strengthen your bond with her and get to know her better.

Makoto Nijima isn’t just about the serious moments. She also knows how to have fun. Whether it’s studying together, watching a movie, or exploring Ikebukuro, each activity with Makoto is a chance to grow closer.

Remember to gift her favorites like the Heart Ring or Designer Perfume to show you care. These moments are not just about enjoyment; they’re stepping stones to a stronger relationship.

How to Unlock the Priestess Confidant

To unlock Makoto Nijima’s confidant storyline, players must first achieve a significant milestone by securing Kaneshiro’s Palace treasure. After this achievement, you need to find and talk to Makoto. You can find her standing with a thoughtful demeanor outside the student council room.

You should also note that Joker’s knowledge must be Scholarly to begin this confidant, so make sure to improve your knowledge stat. This showcases the game’s emphasis on making you balance character progression with confidant development.

Dialogue Options for Ranks 1-5

Rank 1:

  • Let’s go again sometime. +3
  • It’s a new you. +2
  • The red-light district next? +3

Rank 2:

  • You’re very well informed. +2
  • Have you ever been here? +0
  • Stay close to me. +0
  • You should have known better. +2
  • That was dangerous. +3
  • You get flustered easily, huh? +0

Makoto Nijima Rank 3:

  • You have the wrong idea. +2
  • So what if we were together? +0
  • It’s none of your business. +0
  • Don’t let it get to you. +2
  • You can change. +3
  • Sounds like you two get along. +2

Rank 4:

  • That’s unlike you. +2
  • Is Thieves work distracting you? +0
  • I’m sure you did better than me. +0
  • Why do you use it? +3
  • That’s adorable. +2
  • I like a woman in uniform. +2
  • It’s an amazing goal. +3

Rank 5:

  • Are you jealous of them? +0
  • That’s annoying. +2
  • He sounds suspicious. +3
  • I got this. +3
  • Only if I can take it seriously. +2
  • Try to reach out to her. +2

Special Abilities and Combat Benefits

As you progress through the ranks with Makoto Nijima. You will unlock abilities that improve Makoto and your party in combat. From Shadow Calculus, which reveals enemy skills and item drops, to Follow Up, which allows her to perform a follow-up attack. Each new rank brings valuable skills to the table.


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Dialogue Options for Ranks 6-10

Rank 6:

  • We just started. +2
  • Love comes in many forms. +3
  • Tell him you’re on a date. +2

Rank 7:

  • That’s a horrible story. +3
  • Was it tough without him? +2
  • He was a noble man. +3
  • That’s admirable. +3
  • I’m sure he was happy. +3
  • I’m game if you are. +2

Makoto Nijima Rank 8:

  • He says that to all his girls. +2
  • That’s how he ropes you in. +2
  • Absolutely. +3
  • What are we going to do? +2
  • Eh, she deserves him. +2

Rank 9:

  • Get away from her! +3
  • Your fight’s with me. +3
  • I’m calling the cops. +3
  • Follow me. +2
  • I’m a regular here. +3
  • Not as much as you. +2
  • You’ll find someone someday. +3

If players choose the romance option:

  • I do. +3 (romance flag)

If players are on the friendship path:

  • No problem at all. +2

Rank 10: At this final rank, your choices won’t affect the outcome of the confidant level as you’ve already reached the maximum level of your bond with Makoto Nijima. However, the dialogue you choose can still reflect the nature of your relationship, whether it’s platonic or romantic.

Reaching the Ultimate Persona Makoto Nijima

As you reach Rank 10 with Makoto Nijima, her Persona undergoes a transformation. Johanna becomes Anat, a powerful goddess, enhancing Makoto’s battle capabilities. This Second Awakening signifies the peak of your journey with Makoto, but if you unlock the third semester, a Third Awakening awaits, bringing even more power and a new skill, Checkmate.

New Game Plus and the Priestess Confidant Makoto Nijima

For those embarking on a New Game Plus, reaching Rank 10 with Makoto Nijima in the previous playthrough has its perks. The Buchi Calculator, for example, allows you to have access to Shadow Factorization, giving you an edge in battles. As you revisit the world of Persona 5 Royal, the bonds you’ve forged with Makoto will continue to benefit you.

The Third Semester and Beyond

For players who have reached Rank 10 with Makoto Nijima and have unlocked the third semester. You will unlock a special event that will trigger a Third Awakening. This transformation improves Makoto’s Persona and this gives you access to her new skills you can use in battles.

One such skill you can get is Checkmate, which debilitates all enemies. Additionally, you can also get Gaia Blessing, improving the odds of inflicting status ailments on your enemies.

Conclusion: The Lasting Bond with Makoto Nijima

By investing time and effort into the Priestess Confidant with Makoto Nijima. You will not only experience a compelling narrative arc, but you will also gain a formidable ally in battle. The journey to advancing your relationship Makoto is one of mutual growth that you will surely treasure. With each rank reflecting a deeper connection with her.

Whether you choose to pursue a friendship or a romance, the bond you form with Makoto Nijima is sure to be one of the highlights of your “Persona 5 Royal” experience.

Remember, the choices you make with Makoto Nijima will shape your journey through the game, offering unique insights and advantages that can significantly impact your playthrough. So, take your time, choose wisely, and enjoy the deep and rewarding confidant relationship with one of “Persona 5 Royal”‘s most intriguing characters.

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