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Lovers Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload

Lovers Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload

    Last Updated on March 11, 2024

In the labyrinthine corridors of Tartarus and the dark hour of Persona 3 Reload, the Full Moon operations are a series of trials that test the mettle of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES). The battle against Lovers in Persona 3 Reload is a dance of charm and destruction, where your strategic acumen is key to saving the day. This guide will help you navigate the complexities of this encounter and ensure your team emerges unscathed.


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Finding Lovers After Hierophant

The pursuit of Lovers in Persona 3 Reload begins immediately after your victory over Hierophant. With no time to switch party members, you must proceed with the same team, ready to face the next challenge. The key to finding Lovers lies within a peculiar mirror puzzle in a hotel room.

Break the mirror that lacks your reflection to unlock the path forward. Afterward, go to the third floor and break all the mirrors that does not show your reflection. After you break the mirror in Room 304, go back to the boss room and brace yourself for the battle that awaits.

Lovers Full Moon Boss Battle Overview Persona 3 Reload

Lovers Affinities
Lovers Moveset
Holy ArrowLight Pierce damage with a chance to Charm one enemy.
Marin KarinChance to inflict Charm to one foe.
Sexy DanceChance to inflict Charm to all foes.
HeartbreakerDamage to all foes that severely damages anyone who’s Charmed.
AgidyneHeavy Fire damage to one foe.

The Lovers Shadow is a formidable opponent, wielding powerful Fire magic and a penchant for charming your allies. Unlike previous Full Moon bosses, Lovers focuses on manipulating the battlefield with status effects, particularly Charm, which can turn the tide against you. It’s a fight where prevention and quick responses are crucial to maintaining control.

Lovers Battle Guide Persona 3 Reload

Lovers Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload image

When engaging Lovers in Persona 3 Reload, your primary concern should be managing the Charm status effect. Lovers’ Heartbreaker move can instantly take out any charmed team members, so it’s imperative to use abilities like Patra to cure Charm as soon as it’s inflicted.

As Lovers’ HP decreases, it will begin to incorporate heavy Fire attacks like Agidyne into its arsenal, shifting its focus to direct damage. Keep your team’s health topped up and be ready to heal or revive as necessary.

Utilizing Theurgy Skills

Theurgy skills are a powerful asset in your battle against Lovers. These skills charge over time and can unleash devastating attacks or provide crucial support. Monitor your Theurgy gauges closely and deploy these skills judiciously. When Lovers’ HP starts to dwindle, these skills can help you deliver the final blows needed to end the battle swiftly.

To secure victory over Lovers in Persona 3 Reload, you must balance offense with careful monitoring of your party’s status. Ensure that you defeat Lovers before it can fully charge its most potent attacks, and take advantage of any opportunities to pressure and stagger the Shadow.

Once defeated, you’ll be rewarded with experience and the Lovers Major Arcana card, a valuable addition to your Shuffle Time options.


Defeating Lovers in Persona 3 Reload is a testament to your team’s resilience and your ability to lead them through perilous waters. By effectively managing Charm, utilizing your Theurgy skills, and maintaining a strong offense.

You’ll overcome this Full Moon challenge and continue your journey to unravel the mysteries of the dark hour. With each victory, SEES grows stronger, ready to face whatever the night may bring.

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