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Icebreaker Lion Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload

Icebreaker Lion Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload

    Last Updated on March 27, 2024

As you ascend the towering floors of Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload, you’ll encounter a series of Gatekeeper bosses that challenge your tactical prowess. Among these is the Icebreaker Lion, a formidable adversary that, along with Luckless Cupid, guards the path to higher levels in Persona 3 Reload.

This guide will provide you with the strategies and insights needed to defeat the Icebreaker Lion, ensuring your continued journey through the game’s daunting dungeon.


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Icebreaker Lion Overview in Persona 3 Reload

When you reach floor 203 of Tartarus, the Icebreaker Lion awaits, ready to put your combat skills to the test. Accompanied by Luckless Cupid, this boss duo can quickly turn the tide of battle against you with their potent attacks. To emerge victorious, you’ll need to exploit their weaknesses and counter their strengths with precision and strategy.

Affinities and Abilities of Icebreaker Lion

Understanding the Icebreaker Lion’s affinities and weaknesses is crucial for planning your attack. Here’s a breakdown of what you’re up against:




Heat RiserIncreases one ally’s attack, defense, accuracy, and evasion for three turns
Gigantic FistDeals heavy Strike damage to one foe
BufudyneDeals ice damage to one foe
MabufudyneDeals ice damage to all foes

Luckless Cupid Overview

In addition to the Icebreaker Lion, you must also contend with Luckless Cupid and its unique set of abilities:




MakougaonDeals Light damage to all foes
Holy ArrowDeals light Pierce damage to one foe with a chance to inflict Charm
Marin KarinChance to charm one foe

Best Party Composition Against Icebreaker Lion

To maximize your chances of defeating the Icebreaker Lion in Persona 3 Reload, it’s crucial to select party members who can exploit the boss’s weaknesses while mitigating the damage from its attacks. Here’s a suggested lineup:

  • Yukari: Her healing abilities are essential for keeping your party alive, and her wind attacks can be useful against other enemies you might face. Yukari’s role as a healer and supporter is invaluable, especially if any party members fall victim to Charm.
  • Akihiko: With his Zio skills, Akihiko can target Luckless Cupid’s Electric weakness. His debuff skills are also beneficial for reducing the Icebreaker Lion’s offensive capabilities.
  • Mitsuru: As a character who can withstand Bufu attacks, Mitsuru can maintain offensive pressure even when Yukari is incapacitated by Charm. If Mitsuru is not available or if you need Fire abilities, Junpei can be a suitable replacement due to his proficiency with Fire skills and lack of weakness to Ice.
  • Protagonist: Ensure that your character is equipped with Personas that resist Ice and Light, such as Raphael or Hariti. These Personas will protect you from the Icebreaker Lion’s Bufudyne and Mabufudyne, as well as Luckless Cupid’s Makougaon.

Strategies for Defeating Icebreaker Lion in Persona 3 Reload

When engaging in battle with the Icebreaker Lion in Persona 3 Reload, your primary focus should be on exploiting the weaknesses of both bosses. Start by targeting Luckless Cupid, as its susceptibility to Electric attacks and potential to Charm your party members make it a significant threat. Use Akihiko’s Zio skills to knock down Luckless Cupid and follow up with All-Out Attacks for substantial damage.

As for the Icebreaker Lion, its weakness to Fire means that if you’ve brought Junpei or another party member with Agi skills, you should use those to gain an extra turn. Be mindful of the Icebreaker Lion’s Heat Riser ability, which buffs its attack, defense, accuracy, and evasion. If possible, use a skill to remove these buffs and level the playing field.

Throughout the fight, keep an eye on your party’s HP. Yukari’s healing skills will be crucial in recovering from the bosses’ heavy-hitting attacks. If any party members are Charmed, prioritize curing them to prevent them from healing the bosses or attacking your team.


The battle against the Icebreaker Lion and Luckless Cupid in Persona 3 Reload is a challenging encounter that tests your strategic planning and adaptability. By assembling a well-rounded party, targeting weaknesses, and managing buffs and debuffs, you can overcome this formidable duo.

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