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How to Save Chidori in Persona 3 Reload

How to Save Chidori in Persona 3 Reload

    Last Updated on March 26, 2024

In the gripping narrative of Persona 3 Reload, the fate of certain characters lies in your hands. One such character is Chidori, whose life hangs in the balance. As you journey through the game, you’ll find that your actions can significantly alter the story’s outcome. If you’ve grown fond of Chidori and wish to see her survive, this guide will detail how to save Chidori in Persona 3 Reload, ensuring a happier path for her and Junpei.


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The Importance of Chidori’s Story Arc

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Chidori’s story arc is a poignant part of Persona 3 Reload, filled with emotional depth and character development. Her evolving relationship with Junpei becomes a focal point, and your intervention can lead to a life-saving turn of events. The choices you make will not only affect Chidori’s fate but also Junpei’s emotional journey throughout the game.

Key Dates for Saving Chidori in Persona 3 Reload

To save Chidori, you must be mindful of specific dates that are crucial to altering her storyline. On November 6th, a cutscene will play, setting the stage for your intervention. The following day, November 7th, is when you need to take action. After school, find Junpei and agree to spend time with him. This interaction is the first step in a series of events that can lead to Chidori’s survival.

Purchasing the White Flower

The next step in how to save Chidori in Persona 3 Reload involves a simple yet vital task. On November 8th, head to Rafflesia at Paulownia Station and purchase the White Flower key item for 250 Yen. Later that evening, present this flower to Junpei at the dorm. This gesture is a significant move that will influence the outcome of Chidori’s story.

Consequences of Saving Chidori in Persona 3 Reload

Successfully following these steps to save Chidori in Persona 3 Reload will alter the course of the story. After the events of November 22nd, a cutscene will eventually play, showing Mitsuru speaking on the phone, signaling that Chidori has been saved. On January 21st, a visit to the hospital reveals that Chidori has lost her memories of the Dark Hour, providing a bittersweet resolution to her arc.

Considerations and Ramifications

Deciding whether to save Chidori in Persona 3 Reload is a matter of personal choice, as the game does not reward or penalize you for the outcome. The decision ultimately boils down to how invested you are in the characters’ well-being, particularly Junpei’s. Saving Chidori means sacrificing two days that could be used to develop other Social Links, so weigh your options and choose the path that resonates with you.


Navigating the emotional landscape of Persona 3 Reload requires making tough decisions, and choosing how to save Chidori is one of them. By engaging with Junpei and presenting the White Flower, you have the power to change Chidori’s fate. Whatever you choose, your journey in Persona 3 Reload will be rich with stories that tug at your heartstrings and challenge your sense of morality.

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