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How to Beat the Heretic Magus in Persona 3 Reload

How to Beat the Heretic Magus in Persona 3 Reload

    Last Updated on February 6, 2024

In Persona 3 Reload, players face a myriad of Shadows lurking within the looming floors of Tartarus. Among these adversaries, the Heretic Magus stands as a formidable gatekeeper, challenging players with its mastery of wind spells. To progress through the Arqa block, understanding and exploiting the Heretic Magus’s weaknesses is crucial in Persona 3 Reload.


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Understanding the Heretic Magus in Persona 3 Reload

Heretic Magus Persona 3 Reload Image

Floor: 35F Tartarus
Block: Arqa
Recommended Level: 13+

Heretic Magus Affinities
Grievous Table Affinities

The Heretic Magus in Persona 3 Reload is a Shadow that can unleash powerful wind spells capable of wreaking havoc on your party. Accompanied by two Grievous Tables, this foe presents a complex challenge.

The tables can prolong the fight with their fire-blocking abilities and ability to inflict poison Moreover, the Heretic Magus itself is resistant to wind and can knock down party members weak to its spells.

Preparing for the Fight

Party Setup: Akihiko, Yukari, Junpei, MC

Before engaging the Heretic Magus in “Persona 3 Reload,” it’s essential to prepare your party with the right Personas and items. You should wait for May 23 to get Akihiko in your party first before engaging in this fight.

Since the Grievous Tables accompanying the Heretic Magus are weak to Ice and nullify Fire, equipping Personas with Ice skills will give you an advantage. Ensure you have Dis-Poisons or a Persona with Posumudi to counteract poison and consider protecting Junpei in this fight due to his vulnerability to wind attacks.

Battle Strategy for the Heretic Magus in Persona 3 Reload

In battle, prioritize taking out the Grievous Tables first to prevent them from poisoning your party and blocking your Fire skills. Akihiko’s Electric skills will be invaluable against the Heretic Magus. Keep exploiting its weakness and allowing for All-Out Attacks.

Once you knock out the Heretic Magus with Akihiko, pass the baton to the main character and use Ice attacks on the Grievous Tables. Keep using All Out Attacks whenever possible to make the fight easier.

Yukari should focus on healing, especially if Poison becomes an issue. Use Personas like Valkyrie or Jack Frost for Ice attacks, but be wary of their Fire weakness. Forneus can be a safer choice, as it’s only weak to Electric skills.


Defeating the Heretic Magus in “Persona 3 Reload” requires a blend of preparation, strategy, and quick thinking. By following the tactics outlined in this guide, players can navigate this challenging boss battle and emerge victorious.

Remember, each encounter in Tartarus is an opportunity to grow stronger and more adept at facing the darkness within. Use this experience to sharpen your skills for the trials ahead in “Persona 3 Reload.”

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