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Hermit Social Link Persona 3 Reload: Complete Guide

Hermit Social Link Persona 3 Reload: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on March 27, 2024

In Persona 3 Reload, the Social Links you forge will enrich your journey, each tied to a specific Arcana that enhances your battle prowess against Shadows. Among these is the Hermit Social Link, a virtual connection you establish with an online gamer known as Maya in Persona 3 Reload.

This guide will navigate you through the digital landscape to unlock and develop the Hermit Social Link, Maya, in Persona 3 Reload.


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To initiate the Hermit Social Link in Persona 3 Reload, you’ll need to dive into the world of online gaming. On April 28, Mitsuru informs you of the upcoming repair of the internet line. The following day, Junpei gifts you an old game.

Starting April 29, you can play this MMORPG on holidays. This is where you’ll meet Maya and unlock the Hermit Social Link. Remember, engaging with Maya online will consume your daytime, transitioning to the evening after each session.

The Hermit Social Link with Maya is associated with the Hermit Arcana. By interacting with Maya, you’ll gain bonuses when fusing Hermit Personas in the Velvet Room. To enhance this Social Link, spend your holidays playing the online game. Having a Hermit Persona during these virtual meetups will grant you additional points.

Your conversations with Maya are pivotal in advancing the Hermit Social Link. Below is a tabulated guide to the best responses for each rank. Including the points you’ll earn with or without a Hermit Persona.

RankDialogueBest ResponsePoints with Hermit PersonaPoints without Hermit Persona
2Maya asks if you remember her“Of course.”+3+2
3Maya admits she’s drunk“Are you an adult?”+3+2
4Maya vents about marriage pressure“Let’s plan our wedding, then.”+3+2
5Maya rants about her boss“Do you mean S.O.B.?”+3+2
6Maya is frustrated with work“What bastard?”+3+2
7Maya discusses age in relationships“Well, yeah.”+3+2
8Maya is flustered about a crush“Hurry up and tell me.”+3+2
9Maya worries about the game ending“No way!”+3+2
10Maya considers quitting the MMO“I’ll miss you.”+3+2

Holiday Invitations and Additional Points

On holidays, Maya might invite you to log in and join her in the virtual world of the MMORPG. These sessions are special chances to earn additional points towards your Hermit Social Link in “Persona 3 Reload.

While these holiday meet-ups are not essential for reaching rank 10, they can help you progress the Social Link more quickly. Here are some responses that can earn you points during these online hangouts:

SituationBest ResponsePoints with Hermit PersonaPoints without Hermit Persona
Maya talks about her dedication“Impressive.”+3+2
She expresses anxiety about winning“You can get through this.”+3+2
Maya questions the point of her efforts“That’s just who you are.”+3+2

Reaching rank 10 with Maya in the Hermit Social Link is a significant achievement in “Persona 3 Reload.” Upon attaining this level, Maya will express her gratitude for your companionship by giving you Screenshot Data.

This item is not merely a keepsake; it’s a key item that unlocks the fusion of the Persona Arahabaki. To perform Persona fusions, visit the Velvet Room. You can access it at Paulownia Mall or on the first floor of Tartarus during the Dark Hour.


The Hermit Social Link in Persona 3 Reload offers a unique twist to the game’s Social Link mechanics, allowing you to build a relationship in a virtual space. As you support Maya through her personal struggles and career challenges, you not only gain a friend in the digital realm but also strengthen your Hermit Personas.

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