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Hermit Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload

Hermit Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload

    Last Updated on March 7, 2024

As you delve deeper into the dark hour of Persona 3 Reload, the Full Moon operations become increasingly perilous. The September operation introduces you to Hermit, an electrifying Shadow that harnesses the power of Club Escapade’s cables to unleash devastating electrical attacks. This guide will illuminate the path to victory, ensuring Hermit’s charged onslaught doesn’t leave your team in the dark in Persona 3 Reload.


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Party Setup: MC, Akihiko, Ken, Shinjiro

When assembling your team to confront Hermit in Persona 3 Reload, it’s crucial to consider each member’s resistance to Electric damage. Yukari and Aigis, with their vulnerabilities to electricity, should sit this one out.

Instead, opt for a lineup that includes Ken for his healing and buffing capabilities, and Akihiko and Shinjiro for their balanced strength and magic stats, which will be instrumental in dealing physical damage. Aim to have your team around level 35 to ensure you’re prepared for the shocks that lie ahead.

Hermit’s Affinities and Battle Mechanics Persona 3 Reload

Hermit Affinities
Hermit Moveset
ZioLight Electric damage to one foe.
MazioLight Electric damage to all foes.
Mega SparkThe move unleashed after Charging, dealing medium Electric damage to all foes.
Tera SparkThe move unleashed after Accelerated Charging, dealing heavy Electric damage to all foes.
Gigantic FistHeavy Strike damage to one foe.
High-Volt CurrentMedium Electric damage to one foe.
DekajaNullifies stat increases on your party.
Initiate ChargingHarnesses electricity from Club Escapade to power up before using Mega Spark.
Accelerated ChargingHarnesses electricity from Club Escapade to power up before using Tera Spark.

Hermit presents a unique challenge with its robust defenses and lack of elemental weaknesses. Its affinity chart reveals a Shadow impervious to Electric, Wind, and Light attacks, forcing you to rely on physical damage and strategic skill use. Understanding Hermit’s battle mechanics, particularly its Charging and Accelerated Charging phases, is key to disrupting its powerful Mega Spark and Tera Spark moves

Hermit Battle Guide Persona 3 Reload

Hermit Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload image

The crux of the battle against Hermit in Persona 3 Reload lies in thwarting its Charging process. When you see Hermit initiating a charge, it’s a race against time to deal enough damage to disrupt its power-up sequence.

Failing to do so will result in Hermit unleashing either Mega Spark or Tera Spark, which can deal substantial Electric damage to your entire team. Keep up the pressure with your strongest physical attacks to prevent these devastating moves.

Utilizing Buffs, Debuffs, and Theurgy Skills

In this battle, buffs and debuffs can turn the tide in your favor. Enhance your party’s offensive and defensive capabilities while weakening Hermit’s to gain an edge. Pay close attention to your Theurgy gauges; when fully charged, these powerful skills can deal massive damage, making them essential for breaking through Hermit’s high HP pool.

The Role of Ken and Makarakarn

Ken’s inclusion in your party is not just for his healing abilities. His Makarakarn skill can reflect Hermit’s Electric attacks, providing a crucial defensive measure. Use Ken’s skill strategically, especially when Hermit is gearing up for a charged attack, to keep your team safe and maintain your offensive momentum.

Final Push and Victory Conditions

As the battle nears its end, ensure that your attacks are coordinated and focused. Hermit’s ability to regenerate its appendages means you’ll need to be relentless in your assault in Persona 3 Reload. When Hermit is charging, seize the opportunity to use your Theurgy skills to their fullest potential, aiming to defeat the Shadow before it can unleash its most powerful attacks.


Overcoming Hermit in Persona 3 Reload is a testament to your strategic planning and quick thinking. By carefully selecting your party, managing elemental affinities, and disrupting Hermit’s charged attacks, you’ll secure victory in this electrifying Full Moon battle.

With Hermit defeated, you’ll not only protect the city from its high-voltage havoc but also strengthen your resolve as you continue to face the challenges of the dark hour.

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