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Hanged Social Link (Maiko) Persona 3 Reload: Complete Guide

Hanged Social Link (Maiko) Persona 3 Reload: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on April 4, 2024

In Persona 3 Reload, the Hanged Social Link with Maiko Oohashi is a touching narrative that unfolds as you assist a young girl through her parents’ divorce. As you navigate Maiko’s situation, your guidance will play a pivotal role in her growth. Let’s explore how you can unlock and advance the Hanged Social Link to its fullest potential.


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To initiate the Hanged Social Link in Persona 3 Reload, you’ll first need to overhear your classmates talking about a grade school kid at Naganaki Shrine. Once you’ve learned of Maiko’s location, you can find her at the shrine.

However, Maiko won’t open up to you until you’ve brought her some snacks. Specifically, Weird Takoyaki from Octopia at Iwatodai Strip Mall. Additionally, a MadBull from the vending machine on the second floor of the dorms. After you’ve treated Maiko to these snacks, your Hanged Social Link begins. She’ll be available at the shrine on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays after school.

Spending Time With Maiko

Maiko’s presence at Naganaki Shrine is your cue to spend time with her and progress the Hanged Social Link. It’s important to note that befriending Maiko also triggers the introduction to Akinari Kamiki, the Sun Social Link. Until you’ve reached a certain point in Maiko’s Social Link, Akinari will not appear, so it’s essential to build your relationship with Maiko if you’re aiming to meet Akinari.

Your progression through the Hanged Social Link with Maiko depends on the dialogue choices you make. Below is a table of dialogue options and the best responses for each rank. Additionally, the points they yield with and without a matching Hanged Persona:

RankDialogueBest ResponsePoints (With Hanged Persona)Points (Without)
1“It’s your turn, okay? You get to pick!”Any response
2“My tummy’s grumbling! Can we go to Wilduck?”“Sure, let’s go.”32
“Why would they get a divorce?”Any response
“… She’s sobbing loudly. What should I do?”Any response
3“… And who are you?”Any response
“Do you think he’ll come home and see me?”“Don’t worry, he’ll be there.”32
4“They really do care about me!”“That’s great news.”32
5“He’s so mean! It’s not fair!”“That’s awful.”32
“Do they wish I would just disappear?”“They would never.”10
6“I made up my mind! I have to run away from home!”“That should be enough.”32
“I need lots of snacks, right? And my… insurance card?”“That should be enough.”32
7“She’s never done anything like this before!”Any response
8“What do you wanna get?”“Hamburgers.”10
“It was sad, but I listened to the whole thing. Did I do good?”“You’re a good girl.”32
“Who do you think I should pick?”“Your dad.”32
9“Even if I’m gone… we’ll still be friends, right?”“Friends forever.”32
10“Do you think I’ll have a family of my own one day?”“I’m sure you will.”32
“Can we get married?”“Sure.”32

This table now accurately reflects the dialogue options and responses for ea

Reaching Hanged Social Link Rank 10

Reaching the final rank in the Hanged Social Link with Maiko in Persona 3 Reload is a significant achievement. Upon completing this Social Link, Maiko will give you a Paper Ring, which allows you to fuse Attis, the Ultimate Persona of the Hanged Arcana. This powerful Persona can be a tremendous asset in your battles, making the time spent with Maiko well worth the effort.


The Hanged Social Link in Persona 3 Reload is more than just a series of after-school hangouts. It’s a journey of mutual support and understanding with Maiko Oohashi. By carefully selecting your responses and dedicating time to this Social Link, you’ll unlock powerful Personas and gain a deeper insight into Maiko’s aspirations and challenges.

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