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Gardening in Persona 3 Reload: Complete Guide

Gardening in Persona 3 Reload: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on March 24, 2024

In Persona 3 Reload, not only do you combat Shadows and explore the depths of Tartarus, but you also have the opportunity to engage in peaceful activities like gardening. Gardening in Persona 3 Reload offers a unique way to support your SEES team by providing powerful items for use in battle.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about cultivating your green thumb on the rooftop garden of the Iwatodai Dorms.


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Unlocking Gardening in Persona 3 Reload

Your foray into gardening begins after the first Full Moon Shadow event. On April 28, Mitsuru will inform you that the internet line, damaged in a Shadow attack, will soon be repaired. The next day, Junpei will offer you a copy of an online game he’s finished playing, marking the start of your gardening journey.

From April 29, you can spend your holidays playing the game, which leads to unlocking the Hermit Social Link and the gardening feature. Gardening is a solo activity that doesn’t require daily maintenance, and you’ll be notified when your crops are ready to harvest.

Benefits of Gardening for Battle

The crops you grow in Persona 3 Reload are not your average vegetables; they replicate skills that can be utilized during fights. These items are particularly useful for replenishing HP or SP and providing status boosts mid-battle.

The process is straightforward: plant your seeds, wait for them to grow, and harvest them when they’re ready. Here’s the catch: if you tend to the garden alone, harvesting doesn’t consume your time, allowing you to maximize your day.

Gardening with Friends for Improved Yield

A new feature in Persona 3 Reload is the option to garden with your SEES teammates in the evening. Look for friends with a blue smiley face above their heads near the dorm’s stairs—they’re ready to help you in the garden.

Gardening with friends not only provides a delightful cutscene but also improves the quality of your crops. These enhanced crops yield better boosts when used in battle, so it’s worth your time to get your hands dirty with your pals.

Using the Shared PC for Gardening Help

As you progress to the second semester in Persona 3 Reload, starting on September 8th, you’ll discover new items available in various stores. This includes a net cafe on the third floor of the Iwatodai Strip Mall. Among these items is Veggie Farmer Sim, a program that you can use on the Shared PC to increase the yield of all your future harvests.

This one-time investment of an evening can significantly boost your gardening results for the rest of the game. Additionally, to unlock all available crops, you’ll need to access the Gardening Site. You can buy it from the Shady Dealer at Club Escapade in Paulownia Mall.

List of All Gardening Crops and Their Effects

Gardening in Persona 3 Reload provides a variety of crops, each with its own unique effect. Here’s a tabulated list of the crops you can grow and the benefits they offer:

CropEffectObtained From
Buff Potato SproutRakukajaRafflesia at Port Island Station
Amronion SproutAmritaRafflesia at Port Island Station
Healthy TomatoDiaGift from Ikutsuki
TetrakoneTetrakarnTanaka’s Amazing Commodities on 7/19
MakarakoneMakarakarnTanaka’s Amazing Commodities on 7/19
Golden Tomato SproutSP GainRafflesia (after buying the Gardening Site in Club Escapade)

Experiment with these crops to find the ones that best suit your battle strategy. Remember, the effects of these crops are akin to skills used in combat. Offering you a strategic advantage when you need it most.


Gardening in Persona 3 Reload is more than just a pastime. It’s a strategic element that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. By engaging in this activity, you not only enjoy a break from the intensity of fighting Shadows but also prepare potent items that can save your team in a pinch.

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