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Futaba Sakura Confidant Guide Persona 5 Royal

Futaba Sakura Confidant Guide Persona 5 Royal

    Last Updated on February 6, 2024

In “Persona 5 Royal,” players are introduced to a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique storylines and abilities. Among them is Futaba Sakura, the Hermit Confidant, whose journey starts as a reclusive hacker. The continuation of her story sees her join the Phantom Thieves is both touching and empowering.

Understanding the nuances of the Futaba Sakura Confidant is key to unlocking her full potential and benefiting from her skills. In this article, we will discuss Futaba Sakura and how to advance her confidant rank in Persona 5 Royal.


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General Information about Futaba Sakura

Futaba Sakura Image

The Hermit Arcana, represented by Futaba Sakura, symbolizes introspection and wisdom, which is fitting for Futaba’s character development throughout the game. Futaba is a genius hacker and joins as a Phantom Thief in the later parts of the game.

As the team’s navigator, she provides invaluable support during heists, though she never engages in direct combat. Her arc is about personal growth, and as players progress through her confidant ranks, they help her reconnect with the world.

Meeting and Befriending Futaba Sakura

To initiate the Futaba Sakura Confidant storyline, players must first complete her palace. Afterward, you can find her outside Leblanc on specific days when the weather is clear.

Building a relationship with Futaba requires consistent interaction. Her availability is not tied to school days or holidays, making her accessible for players to advance her confidant ranks regularly.

Advancing the Futaba Sakura Confidant

Ranking up the Futaba Sakura Confidant in “Persona 5 Royal” involves spending time with her and making dialogue choices that resonate with her character. To deepen your bond with Futaba, you’ll need a Hermit Persona in your arsenal and a Kindness level of at least 4 (Selfless).

Each interaction with her presents opportunities to earn additional relationship points, propelling you further along her confidant path.


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Rank 2

To advance to Rank 2 with the Futaba Sakura Confidant, you’ll need to demonstrate kindness and offer support as she discusses her past and her mother’s promise list. Here are the dialogue choices that will earn you the most points:

  • “That’s a great idea.”
  • “Want me to help?”
  • “OK. But as second chances go, this is your last.”

Having a Hermit Persona with you will grant bonus points for each of these responses.

Rank 3

As Futaba takes her first steps toward fulfilling her new promise list, you’ll accompany her to Akihabara. The following responses will strengthen your bond:

  • “I was about to come find you.”
  • “You’re the one who appeared.”
  • “We’ll both do our best.”

Again, carrying a Hermit Persona will provide additional relationship points.

Rank 4

When Futaba expresses her desire to experience high school life, empathetic and encouraging responses will help her feel more confident:

  • “Let’s do this together.”
  • “I think it’s cute.”
  • “We’ll take it slow.”

The presence of a Hermit Persona continues to be beneficial for extra points.

Rank 5

During a diner meeting with Mishima, Futaba Sakura attempts to socialize. Support her efforts with these choices:

  • “I think you’re right.”
  • “What’s an NPC?”
  • “He’s the protagonist.”

Hermit Persona bonus points apply to these choices as well.


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Rank 6

Futaba finds an old promise list and reminisces about Kana-chan. Show understanding and compassion with these responses:

  • “That must have been a shock.”
  • “You didn’t know any better.”
  • “Let’s calm down first.”

Carrying a Hermit Persona will enhance the points gained from these dialogue options.

Rank 7

Upon discovering Kana-chan’s current situation, Futaba Sakura is determined to help. Encourage her with these responses:

  • “What horrible parents.”
  • “I’ll do it, for you.”
  • “We’ll show them the truth.”

As usual, having a Hermit Persona will provide a bonus to your relationship points.

Rank 8

After reconnecting with Kana-chan, Futaba is hopeful for the future. Reinforce her optimism with these choices:

  • “That’s incredible.”
  • “I bet they were just surprised.”
  • “You worked really hard too.”

The Hermit Persona bonus is applicable here as well.

Rank 9

As Futaba Sakura nears the end of her promise list, she contemplates her relationship with Joker. Choose responses that affirm her growth and your support:

  • “You’ve really matured.”
  • “Are you okay, Futaba?”
  • “Because we’re teammates.” (For friendship route)
  • “Because I love you.” (For romance route)

The Hermit Persona will once again provide additional points for these choices.

Rank 10

The final rank event varies depending on whether you pursue a friendship or romance with Futaba. In both scenarios, choose supportive and affirming dialogue to conclude the Futaba Sakura Confidant journey on a positive note.

Remember, carrying a Hermit Persona is no longer necessary at this point, as you’ve reached the maximum rank with Futaba.


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Special Hangout Events and Gifts Futaba Sakura

Futaba Sakura Confidant appreciates thoughtful gifts and enjoys spending time with Joker during special hangout events. Items like the Heart Ring and Snack Pack are among her favorites. Giving these on non-rainy days when she’s outside Leblanc can boost your bond. Additionally, inviting her to visit locations like Akihabara can unlock unique interactions and deepen your friendship.

Heart Events and Futaba Sakura’s Personal Quest

Futaba’s personal growth is central to her confidant storyline. As you reach higher ranks, you’ll unlock heart events that explore her struggles and triumphs. These moments are not only key to understanding Futaba’s character. They also provide substantial in-game benefits, such as improved support abilities during heists.


The Futaba Sakura Confidant in “Persona 5 Royal” offers a rich and rewarding experience for players willing to invest the time and effort into her storyline. By choosing the right dialogue options, giving her favorite gifts, and participating in special events. You can unlock a powerful ally in Futaba.

Her journey from solitude to becoming an integral part of the team is a testament to the dynamic relationships that “Persona 5 Royal” offers. Making every moment spent with the Hermit Confidant truly worthwhile.

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