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Cultist of the Storm Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload

Cultist of the Storm Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload

    Last Updated on March 22, 2024

In the shadowy depths of Tartarus within Persona 3 Reload, the Cultist of the Storm awaits as a formidable adversary. This boss battle is a test of your strategies and understanding of the game’s combat mechanics. With the right preparation and knowledge of the Cultist of the Storm in Persona 3 Reload, you can turn this difficult fight into a triumph.


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Cultist of the Storm Affinities

Cultist of the Storm Affinities
Cultist of the Storm Moves
MasukukajaIncreases the accuracy and evasion of Cultist of the Storm for 3 turns
MagarudyneThis skill does heavy Wind damage to all members of your team

Before you engage in battle with the Cultist of the Storm, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with its affinities and weaknesses. This boss wields potent Wind magic and is resistant to Fire, while completely nullifying Strike attacks.

However, it has a glaring weakness to Dark skills, which you can exploit. The Cultist of the Storm’s skill set is limited but lethal, with Magarudyne dealing heavy Wind damage to your entire team and Masukukaja boosting its evasion and accuracy.

Best Party Setup for the Battle

Party Setup: MC, Koromaru, Yukari, Mitsuru/Akihiko

As you ascend to the 179th floor to confront the Cultist of the Storm in Persona 3 Reload, ensure your party is at least level 58 to stand a fighting chance. Koromaru, with his innate Dark abilities, is indispensable for this encounter.

Pair him with Yukari, who is immune to Wind damage, to provide reliable healing and offense. For your final party member, consider Mitsuru for her potent Ice skills, which can potentially freeze the boss, or Akihiko for his Electric attacks that may shock the Cultist.

Battle Guide for Cultist of the Storm Persona 3 Reload

Cultist of the Storm Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload image

In the heat of battle against the Cultist of the Storm, prioritize exploiting its Dark weakness. Koromaru’s Eigaon skill will be your main offensive tool, knocking down the boss and setting up for an All-Out Attack. Yukari should alternate between using Garudyne for offense and Mediarama for healing as needed.

If you’ve chosen Mitsuru, have her cast Bufudyne each turn, while Akihiko should relentlessly use Ziodyne. For those who bring Ken, use Dekaja to counter the boss’s Masukukaja buff. Just keep utilizing Koromaru’s Dark attacks and spam All-Out Attacks to whittle down the boss.

Recommended Items and Personas

To bolster your chances against the Cultist of the Storm in Persona 3 Reload, stock up on Eiga Gems to deal Dark damage and Dekaja Gems to negate the boss’s buffs. For the protagonist, select a Persona that either repels or nullifies Wind to mitigate the threat of Magarudyne.

This will allow you to focus on supporting your team and dealing damage without the risk of being incapacitated by the boss’s powerful Wind attacks. Moreover, having a Persona with Dark attacks will increase your chances of hitting its weakness so it is a welcome addition.


Defeating the Cultist of the Storm in Persona 3 Reload is a feat that requires careful planning and quick thinking. By following this guide and utilizing the recommended strategies. You’ll dismantle this formidable opponent and continue your journey through the dark hour. Remember, each member of your party plays a crucial role in this battle. So choose your allies wisely and lead them to victory.

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