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Chariot Social Link Persona 3 Reload: Complete Guide

Chariot Social Link Persona 3 Reload: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on March 24, 2024

In Persona 3 Reload, forging Social Links is as crucial as battling Shadows. Among these links, the Chariot Social Link stands out, offering you the chance to bond with Kazuchi Miyamoto, your enthusiastic classmate and track team member. This guide will help you navigate the Chariot Social Link in Persona 3 Reload, ensuring you make the right choices to strengthen your bond with Kazuchi.


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To unlock the Chariot Social Link in Persona 3 Reload, you’ll need to join the track team. On April 23rd, you’ll overhear students discussing the team’s search for new members.

After school, make your way to the practice field at the end of the Gym Hallway to sign up. It’s here that you’ll meet Kazuchi, sparking the beginning of your Chariot Social Link. Remember, the track team meets on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, but not on the days leading up to exams.

The Chariot Social Link with Kazuchi Miyamoto is rooted in the Chariot Arcana. After your initial meeting with the track team, you’ll form the Chariot Social Link, which grants a bonus when fusing Chariot Personas. To increase the rank of your Chariot Social Link, participate in track team activities, and remember to bring a Chariot Persona to maximize your gains.

Your interactions with Kazuchi will determine the growth of your Chariot Social Link. Here’s a tabulated guide to the best responses for each rank, including the points you’ll earn with or without a Chariot Persona.

RankDialogueBest ResponsePoints with Chariot PersonaPoints without Chariot Persona
2Kazuchi complains about pain“Toughen up!”+10
3Kazuchi mentions his anemia“Are you going to be okay?”+10
4Kazuchi talks about quitting art“That really sucks.”+3+2
5Kazuchi is back from the hospital“Back from the hospital?”+10
6Kazuchi reflects on his efforts“Show some guts, man!”+10
7Kazuchi’s father tries to understand“You have to get tougher!”+3+2
8Kazuchi is questioned about his knowledge“……”+10
9Kazuchi talks about being a burden“I don’t mind at all.”+3+2
10Kazuchi decides to focus on his health“You’ve really grown up.”+10

Holiday Invitations and Additional Points

Kazuchi might invite you to spend time with him on holidays in Persona 3 Reload. These outings are special opportunities to earn extra points towards your Chariot Social Link. While these holiday meet-ups are not mandatory for reaching rank 10. They can certainly speed up the process. Here are some responses that can earn you points during these casual hangouts:

SituationBest ResponsePoints with Chariot PersonaPoints without Chariot Persona
Kazuchi talks about dedication“Impressive.”+3+2
He expresses tension about winning“You can get through this.”+3+2
Kazuchi questions the point of his efforts“That’s just who you are.”+3+2

Achieving rank 10 with Kazuchi in the Chariot Social Link is a milestone in Persona 3 Reload. Upon reaching this level, Kazuchi will show his appreciation for your support by giving you Sports Tape.

This item isn’t just a symbol of your friendship. It’s a key item that unlocks the ability to fuse the Persona Thor, the god of thunder. To perform Persona fusions, visit the Velvet Room, which can be found at Paulownia Mall or on the first floor of Tartarus.


The Chariot Social Link in Persona 3 Reload is a testament to the game’s blend of social dynamics and combat strategy. As you support Kazuchi through his athletic and personal challenges. You not only strengthen your bond but also empower your Chariot Personas.

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