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Chariot and Justice Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload

Chariot and Justice Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload

    Last Updated on March 7, 2024

In the shadowy depths of Persona 3 Reload, the Full Moon operations are a test of your strategic prowess, and the battle against Chariot and Justice is no exception. These formidable opponents require a well-coordinated team and a deep understanding of their unique combat mechanics. This guide will help you navigate the complexities of this dual boss fight and emerge victorious.


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Chariot and Justice Overview and Party Recommendations Persona 3 Reload

Tank Form Shadow Affinities
Tank Form Shadow Moveset
High-Explosive ShellMedium Pierce damage to one foe. Must be charged for one turn.
Armor-Piercing ShellMedium Pierce damage to all foes. Must be charged for one turn.
SeparateSplits into two individual Shadows, Arcanas Chariot and Justice.
Arcana Chariot Affinities
Arcana Chariot Moveset
Assault DiveLight Strike damage to one foe.
Swift StrikeLight Strike damage to all foes (lands 1-3 times).
RestoreRevives the Justice Shadow if you don’t defeat them both on the same turn.
UniteCombines with Justice to become the Tank-Form Shadow again.

As you prepare to face Chariot and Justice in Persona 3 Reload, it’s crucial to select a party that can handle the diverse challenges they present. A balanced mix of strength and magic is key, as you’ll need to break through various resistances.

Aim to be around level 35 to stand a good chance against these adversaries. Characters with elemental break skills are particularly valuable in this fight, as they can negate the Shadows’ elemental affinities and allow for powerful elemental attacks.

Chariot and Justice Battle Guide Persona 3 Reload

Chariot and Justice Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload image

The battle begins with the Tank-Form Shadow, a combined version of Chariot and Justice that will test your team’s ability to deal damage effectively. This phase lacks elemental weaknesses, so focus on using skill break moves to counter its resistances and chip away at its health. Watch for the Shadow’s targeting of specific team members, and have them guard to minimize damage from its powerful attacks.

When the Tank-Form Shadow separates into Chariot and Justice, the real challenge begins. Each Shadow has its own set of affinities—Chariot is susceptible to magic, while Justice is vulnerable to physical attacks. It’s essential to adapt your strategy accordingly, focusing your magical assaults on Chariot and unleashing your physical might on Justice.

The Importance of Elemental Break Skills

Elemental break skills play a pivotal role in this battle, allowing your team to bypass the Shadows’ resistances. Ensure that your teammates are equipped with the skills corresponding to their primary attack elements. This preparation will enable them to weaken the Shadows’ defenses and follow up with potent elemental attacks, maximizing their damage output.

Coordinated Attacks and Theurgy Skills

Coordinated attacks are vital when facing Chariot and Justice in Persona 3 Reload. Utilize Theurgy skills to deal simultaneous damage to both Shadows, especially when they’re close together. This approach is crucial for whittling down their health evenly, setting the stage for a synchronized defeat.

Defeating Chariot and Justice Together

The key to victory is to defeat Chariot and Justice within the same turn. If one falls before the other, the remaining Shadow will revive its counterpart, resetting the fight. Plan your attacks carefully, staggering your damage to ensure that both Shadows are on the brink before delivering the final blows in quick succession.


Triumphing over Chariot and Justice in Persona 3 Reload is a feat that will require your full attention and strategic acumen. By leveraging elemental break skills, coordinating your attacks, and carefully managing the battle’s flow, you’ll dismantle these formidable foes. Victory will not only bring you closer to unraveling the mysteries of the Dark Hour but also grant you the satisfaction of conquering one of the game’s most intricate battles.

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