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Chaos Panzer Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload

Chaos Panzer Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload

    Last Updated on March 20, 2024

In the tower of Tartarus within Persona 3 Reload, the Gatekeepers stand as formidable obstacles on your path to the summit. Among these is the Chaos Panzer, a mini-boss that demands a solid strategy to defeat. Before you rush headlong into battle and risk losing your hard-earned progress, take a moment to prepare. This guide will arm you with the knowledge needed to dismantle the Chaos Panzer in Persona 3 Reload and ascend to the next floor unscathed.


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Chaos Panzer Affinities

Chaos Panzer Affinities
Chaos Panzer Moves
ChargeThe next physical attack will deal more damage.
Vile AssaultDeal heavy Pierce damage to one foe (deals more damage to a downed foe).
Myriad ArrowsDeals medium Pierce damage to all foes (1-3 hits).

Upon reaching the 188th floor, you’ll be greeted by the imposing figure of Chaos Panzer, flanked by two Resentful Surveillants. This trio forms a daunting force, with the Chaos Panzer itself presenting a unique challenge due to its lack of weaknesses.

It’s important to avoid using Agi and Garu skills, as Chaos Panzer nullifies these, and to steer clear of Light skills, which will be reflected back at you. The boss’s affinity for Pierce attacks means you’ll need Personas capable of withstanding heavy physical damage.

Resentful Surveillant Overview

Resentful Surveillant Affinities
Resentful Surveillant Moves
AgidyneDeal heavy Fire damage to a single target.
EigaonDeal heavy Dark damage to a single target.
MatarukajaIncrease all allies’ attack.
MarakundaDecrease the defense of all foes.

The Resentful Surveillants accompanying Chaos Panzer in Persona 3 Reload may not be as imposing as the main boss, but they complicate the battle with their ability to buff and debuff. Their weakness to Slash attacks provides an opening for your offense.

However, their skills, including Agidyne and Eigaon, can deal significant damage, while Matarukaja and Marakunda can swing the battle in their favor if not addressed quickly.

Best Party Setup for Battle

Party Setup: MC, Junpei, Aigis, Koromaru

When assembling your team to face Chaos Panzer in Persona 3 Reload, consider the unique contributions of each member. Yukari’s support is invaluable, ensuring the team’s health remains stable. Junpei’s proficiency with Slash attacks makes him ideal for targeting the Resentful Surveillants’ weakness. Aigis, with her tank-like durability, can absorb the brunt of the physical attacks and retaliate with force.

While Koromaru’s Dark attacks won’t be effective, his Slash attacks still have a place if he’s at a high enough level. Mitsuru, however, should be benched due to her vulnerability to Fire attacks.

Chaos Panzer Battle Guide Persona 3 Reload

Chaos Panzer Boss Guide Persona 3 Reload

The key to defeating Chaos Panzer lies in first eliminating the Resentful Surveillants to prevent them from using their buffs. Focus your attacks and use Theurgy skills to chip away at Chaos Panzer’s HP. Be wary of its Charge skill, which signals a powerful attack is coming—guard accordingly to protect your team.

Utilize debuffs to weaken Chaos Panzer’s offense and bolster your defenses with buffs. Items like Attack Mirror can also turn the tide by reflecting Physical Skills back at the boss.


Overcoming the Chaos Panzer in Persona 3 Reload is a testament to your strategic planning and adaptability. By following this guide and carefully selecting your party, you can neutralize the threats posed by both the main boss and its minions.

Remember to prioritize the protagonist’s survival, as their downfall spells the end of your quest. With patience and tactical acumen, you’ll defeat the Chaos Panzer and continue your ascent through the mysterious and perilous Tartarus.

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