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Where to Find Supply Drops in Palworld

Where to Find Supply Drops in Palworld

    Last Updated on June 28, 2024

Attention all Palworld explorers: the skies bring more than just rain and sunshine; they now offer the chance to discover a coveted Supply Drop in Palworld. With the Sakurajima update, soaring chests full of high-quality loot add a new dynamic to your adventure. Beware, though – these drops come with a brigade of fiercely protective Syndicate guards. Let’s delve into how you can secure these bountiful drops and bolster your late-game journey.

Recognizing a Supply Drop’s Arrival

As you traverse the vast lands, stay vigilant for the key indicators of a Supply Drop in Palworld. You’ll know one is imminent when a red warning sign flashes across your screen – a sign that loot is about to rain down from the heavens. Stay especially alert for the accompanying heavy thud; this sound signals the drop has hit the ground, marking the moment for you to spring into action.

Narrowing Down the Location

Once you’re aware a Supply Drop in Palworld is ready for the taking, quickly open your map to lock onto its location. Look for the telltale meteor symbol that marks where the drop has landed. Common spawn points are high-ground areas like Astral Mountain, Sakurajima Island, and Mount Obsidian. Keep these locations in mind as hotspots for potential Supply Drops.

Tips for Retrieving Supply Drops

Navigating around the Syndicate guards at the Supply Drop in Palworld can be daunting, but don’t let that stop you. One crafty method involves using a flying mount to attract and lead the guards away from the loot. Hit them to grab their attention, then make a quick detour back to the chest. Their aggression can be used to your advantage, allowing you to swoop in and grab the treasures they once fiercely guarded.

Rapid Response and Despawn Mechanics

The world of Palworld waits for no one, and the same goes for Supply Drops. If you hesitate too long, they will despawn or be replaced by another drop elsewhere. Remember, speed and efficiency are your allies – once you spot a drop, make haste to claim your rewards before they vanish or fall into the hands of another tamer.

Rich Rewards in Store

Opening a Supply Drop in Palworld can drastically improve your game, offering items such as:

  • Legendary Elixirs for permanent stat increases
  • Pendants to accessorize and empower your character
  • Essential materials like crude oil for crafting

Keep an eagle eye out for high-level Pal Spheres and invaluable Schematics that can give you a significant edge.


The hunt for a Supply Drop in Palworld is as exciting as it is rewarding. Equipped with knowledge about their locations and the strategies to secure them, you’re now ready to snatch these riches right from the sky – and right from under the noses of the Syndicate guards. Embrace the challenge, reap the benefits, and elevate your Palworld experience to legendary status.

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