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Where to Find Medal Merchants in Palworld

Where to Find Medal Merchants in Palworld

    Last Updated on June 27, 2024

If you’re on the hunt for exclusive items and cosmetics in Palworld, then tracking down the elusive Medal Merchant should be at the top of your to-do list. Recently introduced in the Sakurajima update, the Medal Merchant in Palworld trades in Dog Coins for a variety of goods that can enhance both your survival capabilities and your personal style. Locating this wandering trader might seem daunting, but with a few tips, you’ll be trading in no time.

Locating the Medal Merchant

The Medal Merchant in Palworld doesn’t have a fixed location, which adds an element of adventure to your quest. While these merchants are known to spawn randomly, they seem to favor the somber ambiance of ruined churches scattered across the map.

When you’re searching, keep in mind that the Medal Merchant could be almost anywhere. Here are some strategies to ensure you’re checking the right places:

  • Keep an eye out for the distinctive silhouette of ruined churches as you explore.
  • Move methodically from one potential location to the next to increase your chances of encountering the merchant.

Ruined Churches: Key to the Medal Merchant

The quest to find a Medal Merchant in Palworld often leads to the hauntingly beautiful ruins of churches. One such location is the Desolate Church, where players have reported successful encounters. The coordinates 64, -414, northwest of the original spawn location, is a good place to start, but remember, the appearance of the Merchant here isn’t guaranteed.

Due to the random nature of the Medal Merchant’s appearance, be prepared to venture to multiple churches and scrutinize every hidden space before moving on. Their propensity for solitude means that your thoroughness could be richly rewarded.

Capturing the Merchant

Once you’ve found the Medal Merchant in Palworld, why not secure ongoing access to their wares? Capturing them with a Pal Sphere ensures that you won’t need to repetitively trek across the map for trade. Note that due to the high level of these merchants, a Legendary Sphere—or a stronger variant—is recommended to maximize your chances.

Trading with the Merchant

Successful capture of the Medal Merchant in Palworld means you can trade with them right at your base. You can exchange Dog Coins, which are dropped by Mimog, for the following:

  • Extra accessories
  • Cosmetic items
  • Secret goodies

These items can give your character an aesthetic edge or a much-needed boost in the challenging world of Palworld.


So there you have it—a practical guide to finding and tapping into the valuable trading opportunities provided by the Medal Merchant in Palworld. Keep your eyes peeled, your Pal Spheres ready, and your sense of exploration keen. With persistence, soon you’ll have your very own Medal Merchant, bringing the best of Palworld’s trading to the doorstep of your base. Happy hunting, and may your adventures yield bountiful rewards!

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