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Top 10 Best Fire Type Pals in Palworld

Top 10 Best Fire Type Pals in Palworld

    Last Updated on February 7, 2024

In the captivating world of Palworld, Fire Type Pals are more than just fiery companions. They are essential allies that can cook your food, smelt ingots, and keep you warm. With unique abilities and the exclusive Kindling work suitability, these Pals are invaluable. Let’s ignite our journey through the top 10 best fire type Pals that you should aim to partner with in Palworld.


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Criteria for Ranking

To rank the best fire type Pals, we consider a blend of their partner skills, work suitability for tasks like Kindling and Transporting, and their prowess in battle. These factors together determine which Pals can truly turn up the heat and which are just a flicker in the flame.

Top 10 – 8 Best Fire Type Pals

10. Foxparks 

best fire type pals

Kicking off our list is Foxparks, the earliest fire-type Pal you’ll encounter. Despite its modest stats, Foxparks shines with its Huggy Fire partner skill, acting as a personal flamethrower. Whether it’s hurling fireballs with Spirit Fire and Ignis Blast or launching Flare Arrows, Foxparks is a solid starter to kindle your fire team.

9. Vanwyrm

Combining the ferocity of Fire and the mystery of Dark elements, Vanwyrm claims the ninth spot. With its Aerial Marauder partner skill, Vanwyrm offers a unique flying experience. Its ability to unleash both Dark and Fire attacks, like the Dark Laser and Ignis Breath, makes it a formidable force in your lineup.

8. Wixen 

At number eight, Wixen brings versatility to the table. Not only can it kindle fires, but it also excels in transporting goods and aiding in Handiwork. Wixen’s balanced skill set, including the potent Fire Ball and Dragon abilities, makes it a well-rounded ally in any endeavor.

Top 7 – 5 Best Fire Type Pals

7. Ragnahawk 

Soaring in at number seven, Ragnahawk combines aerial grace with fiery might. Its Flame Wing partner skill lets you traverse the skies while raining fire upon foes. With a high Kindling level and the ability to transport goods, Ragnahawk is as practical as it is powerful, but watch out for its hearty appetite.

6. Suzaku 

The majestic Suzaku flies into the sixth position. While its work suitability may not be as diverse, its strong base stats and flying capabilities make it a noteworthy companion. The Wings of Fire partner skill not only lets you soar the skies but also boosts its fiery attacks, making Suzaku a solid choice for any fire-focused team.

5. Reptyro 

Midway through our list is Reptyro, a mining marvel with a passion for ores. Its high mining level and Ore-loving Beast partner skill make it an asset for resource gathering. But it’s not just about utility; Reptyro’s Volcanic Burst skill causes eruptions and bombards foes with volcanic bombs, making it a powerhouse for area damage.

Top 4 – 2 Best Fire Type Pals

4. Faleris 

best fire type pals

Faleris blazes into fourth place with its exceptional Kindling and Transporting abilities. This Pal’s Scorching Predator partner skill is a boon against Ice-type Pals, ensuring extra drops. Found in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, Faleris can unleash the Phoenix Flare, engulfing itself in flames to charge at enemies, making it a fierce competitor.

3. Blazamut 

Taking the bronze is Blazamut, a mining giant with a heart of magma. Its high mining level is perfect for Stone Pits, and its Magma Kaiser partner skill is a testament to its strength. Found in the Volcanic Region’s Scorching Mineshaft, Blazamut’s Rock Lance and Fire Ball skills deliver devastating blows in battle.

2. Blazehowl Noct 

best fire type pals

The runner-up, Blazehowl Noct, is a dark variation of the Blazehowl with an even fiercer bite. Its Darkflame Lion partner skill yields more drops from Neutral Pals, while its Lumbering work suitability makes it a wood-collecting machine. Breed a Blazehowl with a Felbat, and this powerful Pal will be yours to command.

The Number 1 Best Fire Type Pal

1. Jormuntide Ignis 

best fire type pals

At the pinnacle of fire power stands Jormuntide Ignis, a dragon that embodies the essence of flame. With its Stormbringer Lava Dragon partner skill, it not only serves as a mighty mount but also amplifies fire damage.

Its Dragon Meteor ability rains AOE destruction, while Fire Ball and Flare Storm set the battlefield ablaze. Found in Wildlife Sanctuary No 2, Jormuntide Ignis is not just a sight to behold but a force to be reckoned with.


From the early-game Foxparks to the awe-inspiring Jormuntide Ignis, these are the best fire type Pals in Palworld. Each brings a unique set of skills and abilities that can enhance your gameplay, whether you’re battling, crafting, or exploring. Seek out these fiery companions, and let their flames guide your path to victory in the world of Palworld.

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