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How to Get Venom Gland in Palworld

How to Get Venom Gland in Palworld

    Last Updated on February 2, 2024

Welcome to the diverse world of Palworld, a survival game where crafting and combat meld together. Among the many resources you’ll encounter, Venom Gland stands out for its unique applications. This guide will illuminate the path to acquiring Venom Gland in Palworld and utilizing it to gain an edge in your adventures.


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Overview of Venom Gland in Palworld

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Venom Gland is a fundamental crafting resource, sought after for its potency in creating various poisonous items. From lethal bows and arrows to specialized gloves, these crafted goods offer strategic advantages against formidable Dark Element Pals. Understanding how to harness the power of Venom Gland can turn the tides of battle in your favor.

Acquiring Venom Gland through Pals

The thrill of the hunt is your first step toward obtaining Venom Gland through Dark Element Pals. Engaging in combat with Dark-type Pals not only tests your skills but they also drop this valuable resource. Among the Pals you’ll encounter, Daedream stands out as a good source of this resource. These pals drop a bounty of Venom Gland upon defeat or capture.

Purchasing from Merchants

If combat is not your preferred route, or you’re looking to save some time. Purchasing Venom Gland in Palworld is a viable option. Merchants in Palworld, including the early-game visitor to your base and those on the Forgotten Islands, offer these glands for sale. Each Venom Gland costs around 100 Gold Coins. It’s wise to have your coin purse full before engaging in trade.

Key Locations for Venom Gland in Palworld

For those ready to spend their hard-earned gold. The Wandering Merchant in the Small Settlement is a go-to vendor for Venom Gland Palworld. Wandering Merchants can help you acquire various resources without going through the trouble of finding them

Additionally, if you find yourself with an excess of Venom Gland Palworld. You can sell them back to merchants for 10 Gold Coins each, providing a return on your investment.

Crafting with Venom Gland in Palworld

Venom Gland is not just for show; it’s a key ingredient in a variety of crafting recipes. Whether you’re looking to lay down a Carpet Set, create a batch of Poison Arrows, or equip yourself with a Poison Bow, you’ll need a Venom Gland.

For those aiming to ride in style, you should have Venom Glands to craft the Shadowbeak Saddle and Frostallion Noct Saddle. This emphasizes the importance of this resource in high-end crafting.


Venom Gland is a resource that offers players a multitude of ways to enhance their gameplay. Whether you choose to hunt Dark-type Pals, trade with merchants, or craft powerful items. The pursuit of Venom Gland is well worth the effort. So arm yourself with knowledge, venture forth into the world of Palworld, and let the hunt for Venom Gland begin!

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