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How to Get Palworld Fusion Pals: All Breeding Combinations

How to Get Palworld Fusion Pals: All Breeding Combinations

    Last Updated on January 24, 2024

Welcome to the vibrant world of Palworld, a place where adventure awaits at every corner and the collection of Pals is the heart of the experience. Among these exciting features is the concept of Palworld Fusion, a process that allows players to create powerful companions by combining different Pals.

This article will guide you through the fascinating world of Fusion Pals. Showing you how to breed them and why they’re essential for your journey.


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Understanding Palworld Fusion

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What exactly are Fusion Pals? They’re special creatures that may look like your regular Pals but pack a punch with enhanced abilities. Palworld Fusion takes two distinct Pals and combines them to create a new ally with unique strengths and attributes. These Pals stand out in battle, making them a must-have for any serious player.

The Breeding Process for Fusion Pals

Now, let’s dive into the breeding process. To start your Palworld Fusion journey, you’ll need to reach Level 19 to unlock the Breeding Farm. Once you’ve got that setup, catch a male and a female Pal and place them together on the farm.

Next, whip up a delicious Cake to encourage them to produce an Egg. But your work isn’t done yet! You’ll need an Egg Incubator, which you can build at Level 7, to hatch the Egg and welcome your new Fusion Pal into the world.


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All Breeding Combinations for Fusion Pals in Palworld

Palworld boasts an impressive roster of 24 Fusion Pals, each with their own special flair. From the fiery Kelpsea Ignis to the electrifying Relaxaurus Lux, there’s a Fusion Pal for every strategy. These Pals are not just a novelty. They’re significantly stronger than their regular counterparts, giving you an edge in your Palworld adventures.

Fusion PalPal 1Pal 2Paldeck Number
Kelpsea IgnisKelpseaFire Pal81b
Jolthog CrystJolthogIce Pal12b
Mossanda LuxMossandaElectric Pal33b
Blazehowl NoctBlazehowlDark Pal84b
Mau CrystMauIce Pal24b
Eikthyrdeer TerraEikthyrdeerGround Pal37b
Wumpo BotanWumpoGrass Pal91b
Robinquill TerraRobinquillEarth Pal48b
Vanwyrm CrystVanwyrmIce Pal71b
Dinossum LuxDinossumElectric Pal64b
Ice KingpacaKingpacaIce Pal89b
Gobfin IgnisGobfinFire Pal31b
Pyrin NoctPyrinDark Pal58b
Hangyu CrystHangyuIce Pal32b
Mammorest CrystMammorestIce Pal90b
Lyleen NoctLyleenDark Pal104b
Leezpunk IgnisLeezpunkFire Pal45b
Suzaku AquaSuzakuWater Pal102b
Surfent TerraSurfentEarth Pal65b
Relaxaurus LuxRelaxaurusElectric Pal85b
Incineram NoctIncineramDark Pal40b
Broncherry AquaBroncherryWater Pal86b
Jormuntide IgnisJormuntideFire Pal101b
Ice ReptyroReptyroIce Pal88b

Strategies for Strengthening Your Paldeck with Fusion

Why should you focus on Palworld Fusion? The answer is simple: to harden your Paldeck with the strongest Pals available. By carefully selecting which Pals to fuse. You can create a team that complements your playstyle and helps you overcome any challenge.

Palworld Fusion is not just about power. This feature is also about crafting a squad that resonates with your approach to the game.


Breeding Fusion Pals in Palworld is a thrilling process that adds depth to your gaming experience. While it may not be easy, the rewards are well worth the effort. With this guide, you’re now equipped to start your Palworld Fusion adventure and create an unstoppable team of Pals. So go ahead, mix and match, and discover the powerful combinations that await you in the world of Palworld.

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