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How to Get Lettuce Seeds Palworld

How to Get Lettuce Seeds Palworld

    Last Updated on February 1, 2024

In the diverse ecosystem of Palworld, Lettuce Seeds Palworld are a key agricultural resource for players aiming to provide a balanced diet for their Pals. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a newcomer to the world of Palworld. Understanding how to obtain and utilize Lettuce Seeds is essential for maintaining the health and productivity of your Pals.

This guide will walk you through the various methods to secure these seeds and the steps to cultivate a thriving lettuce crop.


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Obtaining Lettuce Seeds Palworld from Pals

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One of the primary ways to acquire Lettuce Seeds Palworld is by engaging with the local wildlife. Certain Pals are known to drop Lettuce Seeds when defeated or captured, offering players a chance to gather these seeds while exploring the world. Here are some of the Pals that can provide you with Lettuce Seeds Palworld, along with their habitats:

  • Bristla: Found around the Ancient Ritual Site, Bristla is a grass-element Pal that resembles a prickly, leafy humanoid. They can be a bit elusive, often fleeing when confronted, but will defend themselves if necessary. Coordinates: (-15, -295)
  • Cinnamoth: These large orange moths are another source, and the easiest source, of Lettuce Seeds in Palworld. Cinnamoths flutter around the Cinnamoth Forests, and like Bristla, they prefer to avoid conflict but will retaliate if attacked. It is fairly easy to defeat them and they are abundant in the Cinnamoth Forests. Coordinates: (-70, -272)
  • Broncherry Aqua: As an Alpha Boss, Broncherry Aqua presents a tougher challenge but also a chance to obtain Lettuce Seeds Palworld. You can find this boss near the Shoal Mineshaft dungeon and will respawn after a cooldown. Which means you have repeated opportunities for farming. Coordinates: (-142, -435)
  • Wumpo Botan: Another Alpha Boss, Wumpo Botan,which you can also find in the Wilderness Sanctuary No. 2. This Pal offers a substantial reward for those who can overcome its challenge including Lettuce Seeds. Coordinates: Alpha Boss (456, -40), Spawn (-620, -166)

By targeting these Pals, you can steadily collect Lettuce Seeds Palworld and begin your journey into agriculture.

Purchasing Lettuce Seeds Palworld from Merchants

If combat is not your preferred method, or you’re looking for a more straightforward approach, Wandering Merchants offer a commercial alternative. These merchants travel across Palworld, selling a variety of goods, including Lettuce Seeds Palworld.

You can find one such merchant at Fisherman’s Point, located below Mount Obsidian, offering both Lettuce and its seeds for purchase. Keep an eye out for these merchants during your travels, as they can be a reliable source of seeds. You can buy Lettuce for 150 Gold and Lettuce Seeds for 200 Gold

Planting Lettuce Seeds Palworld

Once you’ve obtained Lettuce Seeds Palworld, the next step is to cultivate them into a bountiful lettuce harvest. To do this, you’ll need to reach level 38 to unlock the technology for Lettuce Plantations. The crafting recipe for a Lettuce Plantation is as follows:

  • Pal Fluids x10
  • Lettuce Seeds x3
  • Wood x100
  • Stone x75

With these materials, you can construct a Lettuce Plantation at your base, setting the stage for your agricultural endeavors.

Automating Lettuce Farming

To make your farming operations easier and ensure a constant supply of lettuce. You should automate the process of farming properly. Assign Pals with the appropriate work suitabilities to your Lettuce Plantation, and they’ll handle the rest. Here are the types of Pals you’ll need:

  • Planting Pals: Look for Pals like Dinossom and Mammorest, which have a Level 2 in planting, to sow your Lettuce Seeds Palworld efficiently.
  • Watering Pals: Pals such as Penking and Surfent, with their Level 2 in watering, will keep your lettuce well-hydrated.
  • Gathering Pals: To harvest the mature lettuce, enlist the help of Pals like Petallia and Tombat, which have a knack for gathering.

With these Pals in place, your Lettuce Plantation will become a self-sustaining operation, providing you with a steady stream of fresh lettuce for your Pals.

Uses for Lettuce

Lettuce isn’t just for keeping your Pals healthy; it’s also a key ingredient in several beneficial recipes. Here’s how you can put your lettuce to good use:

  • Salad: Combine lettuce with tomatoes to create a dish that temporarily increases work speed.
  • Grilled Lamball: Mix Lamball mutton with lettuce to create a meal that reduces SAN depletion and boosts work speed.

These recipes can be crafted in a Cooking Pot, and Pals with the Kindling work suitability can assist in the cooking process, making it even easier to prepare these nutritious meals.


Lettuce Seeds in Palworld are more than just another item to collect. They’re the foundation of a healthy diet for your Pals and a key component in crafting recipes that enhance their abilities. Whether you choose to farm seeds from Pals, purchase them from traders, or cultivate them in your own Lettuce Plantation. These seeds are a valuable asset in your Palworld adventure.

By investing in agriculture and providing for your Pals, you’ll ensure their happiness and productivity. This can make your journey through Palworld all the more rewarding. So grab your hoe, plant those seeds, and watch as your Pals thrive on the fruits of your labor.

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