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How to Get Electric Organ in Palworld

How to Get Electric Organ in Palworld

    Last Updated on February 2, 2024

In the adventurous world of Palworld, the Electric Organ is a coveted resource for crafters and builders. This unique item, which Electric Element Pals drop, is essential for creating a variety of electric-powered items and equipment. This guide will help you discover how to obtain Electric Organ in Palworld and utilize it to improve your gameplay.


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Acquiring Electric Organ from Pals

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The best way to get your hands or farm Electric Organ is by engaging with the game’s Electric type Pals. These creatures, when defeated or captured, may drop Electric Organs as loot. To increase your chances, focus on hunting Pals like Sparkit and Jolthog because they are easy to defeat.

These electric Pals are known for carrying this valuable item. Remember, capturing these Pals not only adds to your Paldeck but also provides you with the Electric Organs you need.

Purchasing Electric Organ Palworld from Merchants

If combat isn’t your style or you’re in urgent need of Electric Organ , merchants are your next best bet. You can find these merchants in various locations across Palworld, and they sell Electric Organs for 200 gold coins each.

The Wandering Merchant in the Small Settlement village offers elemental organs so you can check there. While purchasing from merchants is convenient, it can be costly, so ensure you have enough Gold coins saved up for these transactions.

Other Methods to Find It

Apart from battling Electric Element Pals and purchasing from merchants. There are other ways to stumble upon Electric Organ Palworld. Keep an eye out for sparkling ground loot during your explorations. You can occasionally find Electric Organs lying around in the wild.

Additionally, chests scattered across the map may contain these organs among their treasures. Chests regenerate over time on the map. You should make a note of their locations so you can return and collect more Electric Organs later.

Crafting with Electric Organ

Electric Organ Palworld is not just a trophy from your conquests. This organ is a key ingredient in crafting recipes that bring electricity to your base. Electric Organs are important if you’re looking to light up your surroundings with electric lamps. You can also power up machines that aid in your survival thanks to these resources.

Gather them diligently, and you’ll be able to craft items that not only make your base more efficient. But also, add a spark to your adventures in Palworld.


Electric Organ Palworld is a resource that lights up the path to progress in Palworld. Whether you choose to hunt Electric Element Pals, trade with merchants, or explore the world for hidden loot. These organs are a gateway to advanced crafting and a more fun gameplay experience.

So equip your best gear, and venture into the wilderness. Let the hunt for Electric Organs energize your journey through the diverse biomes of Palworld.

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