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How to Get Dog Coin in Palworld

How to Get Dog Coin in Palworld

    Last Updated on July 3, 2024

The world of Palworld broadens with the Sakurajima update, introducing Dog Coin in Palworld as a crucial new currency. These coins open doors to a trove of unique items, enhancing your survival tactics and equipping you with stylish cosmetic options. As you embark on this adventure to accumulate Dog Coins, let’s delve into the best methods to farm these valuable assets and where to spend them.

Dog Coin Sources: Mimogs and Faction Enemies

Farming Dog Coin in Palworld chiefly involves encountering and defeating Mimogs. These deceptive creatures, which disguise themselves as innocuous treasure chests, are the primary source for collecting Dog Coins. Keeping an eye out for these elusive figures is paramount in your expedition.

Methods to Farm Dog CoinsDescription
MimogsDefeating these chest-imposters yields Dog Coins
Faction EnemiesAnother source of Dog Coins upon defeat
ExplorationTreasure Chests and Scrap Piles may contain Dog Coins

Each method brings you closer to accruing the needed amount of Dog Coins for your next significant purchase.

Tactics for Efficient Dog Coin Farming

To maximize your Dog Coin in Palworld, concentrate on Mimog-heavy areas, scrutinizing each chest you come across. Develop a stealthy approach and swift attack strategy to prevent the Mimogs from escaping. When not facing Mimogs, shift your focus to faction enemies and explore every nook for hidden treasures and piles that may contain Dog Coins.

Spending Your Dog Coin in Palworld

Once you’ve gathered enough Dog Coins, it’s time to locate the Medal Merchant who accepts this currency. You can head to the following coordinates to find this elusive seller:

  • Coordinates A: (64, -413)
  • Coordinates B: (-72, -544)
  • Coordinates C: (-460, -11)

The Medal Merchant in Palworld will provide you with a variety of goods in exchange for your hard-earned currency.

Merchandise Available from the Medal Merchant

The Medal Merchant takes Dog Coin in Palworld and offers a rich selection of goods to enhance your journey. Here is a breakdown of items you can purchase:

ItemDog Coin CostBenefit to Player
Burden Elixir350Increases carrying capacity
Cattiva Hat, Cawgnito Hat, etc.50Adds personality with stylish hats
Concentrated All-Purpose Pal Extract2,000Enhances a Pal
Life Fruit500Boosts health stats
Multi Climate Undershirt +1100Adapts to various climates
Mysterious Accessory Box100Expands accessory options
Power Fruit500Augments power
Highly Rare Fruit1,000Grants significant boosts
Ring of Freight +150Facilitates easier transportation
Vital Elixir350Enhances vitality

The array of items available from the Medal Merchant allows for a diverse range of upgrades and customization options for your character and Pals.


Collecting Dog Coin in Palworld is more than a mere hunt; it is a journey peppered with challenges and rewards. With this guide, you’re well-equipped to embark on the essential task of harvesting these coins through strategic encounters with Mimogs and diligent exploration.

Use your Dog Coins wisely with the Medaladvertisement Merchant to elevate your experience in Palworld and make the world your own. Your adventure awaits, so start your quest and let the Dog Coins pave the way to triumph.

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