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How to Get Crude Oil in Palworld

How to Get Crude Oil in Palworld

    Last Updated on June 27, 2024

In the expansive world of Palworld, harnessing resources is key to supremacy, and with the latest Sakurajima update, Crude Oil in Palworld has become a hot commodity. As a resource pivotal for crafting high-tier materials, it’s essential for giving you the edge in your late-game endeavors.

However, where do you find this black gold? Let’s dive into the specifics of unlocking and gathering Crude Oil to fuel your adventure.

Unlocking the Crude Oil Extractor

If you’re aiming to get Crude Oil in Palworld, your first step is to unlock the Crude Oil Extractor once you’ve reached level 50. Here are the details for getting started:

  • Unlock at level: 50
  • Technology Points needed: 4
  • Crafting requirements: 250 Pal Metal Ingot, 50 Circuit Boards

With the extractor blueprint in hand, you’re ready to start the extraction process to secure your own stash of Crude Oil in Palworld.

Extracting Crude Oil on the Map

To extract Crude Oil in Palworld, you must locate the dark globs known as Oil on the map. These deposits are plentiful in the frozen biome and on the new Sakura Blossom island. Once you discover these oil-rich locations. Set up your base adjacent to these deposits, power up your extractor, and watch as the Crude Oil starts flowing in.

The Oil Refinery Raid

For those who thrive on challenge, the Oil Refinery Raid is another way to gather Crude Oil in Palworld. Not for the faint of heart, this high-level raid brimming with enemies and anti-air cannons is located at coordinates 572, -425. Remember, this raid is best tackled with allies.

During your raid, focus on these key actions:

  • Destroy anti-air cannons for easier access in future raids
  • Navigate through the refinery to find Crude Oil and other valuable resources

Coordinating with teammates will be crucial as you dodge cannon fire and engage with the raid’s formidable opponents.

Tips for Raiding the Oil Refinery

In pursuit of Crude Oil in Palworld, when you raid the Oil Refinery, use the environment to your advantage. Strategic movement and interaction with the refinery’s defenses can pave the way for safer and more successful future raids. Do not miss your chance to claim Crude Oil and bolster your resource reserves.


With this guide in hand, you’re now equipped to venture into Palworld, unlock the secrets of Crude Oil, and claim the resources you need to thrive. Whether through meticulous extraction or daring raids, Crude Oil is your path to forging stronger equipment and rising to the challenges that await in Palworld. Set out on your quest, and let the black gold elevate your gameplay to the next level.

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