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How to Get Ancient Technology Points Palworld

How to Get Ancient Technology Points Palworld

    Last Updated on February 1, 2024

In the world of Palworld, Ancient Technology Points serve to unlock advanced equipment and structures that can improve your gameplay. These points are a rare currency, and obtaining them is a testament to your skill and determination as you face some of the game’s most formidable bosses.

In this guide, we will discuss about Ancient Technology Points in Palworld and how to get them to unlock everything you need.


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Understanding Ancient Technology Points Palworld

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Ancient Technology Points is a unique form of currency in Palworld. That allows players to access blueprints for crafting long-forgotten technology. Unlike regular skill points that you earn through leveling up. You can acquire these points through specific achievements, primarily by defeating bosses scattered across the map.

Acquiring Ancient Technology Points Palworld from Bosses

The primary method to earn Ancient Technology Points Palworld is by challenging and overcoming bosses. In Palworld, there are two main types of bosses that will reward you with these points: tower bosses and Alpha Pal bosses. Each boss presents a unique battle, with rewards that make the effort worthwhile.

Tower Bosses

Tower bosses are formidable opponents located in specific towers throughout Palworld. You can encounter your first tower boss, Zoe and Grizzbolt, during the game’s tutorial. You can find more of them as you progress through the game. These bosses have significant health pools and will offer challenging battles.

Defeating a tower boss for the first time grants you five Ancient Technology Points in Palworld. They provide a substantial boost to your technological capabilities.

Alpha Pal Bosses

In addition to tower bosses, Palworld is home to 42 Alpha Pal bosses. These encounters can occur in the open world or within dungeon-like instances. There is a mark on your map with a circle portrait that indicates the location of the Alpha Bosses, making them easier to track down.

They range in difficulty, with lower-level bosses like the level 11 Chillet offering a straightforward fight. While higher-level bosses like the level 50 Jetragon and Frostallion require mastery of combat tactics.

Upon your first victory over an Alpha Boss, you’ll receive one Ancient Technology Point Palworld. It’s important to note that this reward is a one-time bonus per boss. So make sure to check for a checkmark over their portrait on the map to see if you’ve already claimed the point.

Unlock List for Ancient Technology Points Palworld

With Ancient Technology Points in hand, you can unlock a variety of blueprints to enhance your gameplay. Here’s a rundown of what you can access with these points at different levels:

  • Level 7: Egg Incubator – Hatch Pals from eggs with this essential device.
  • Level 10: Small Feed Bag – Keep your Pals well-fed on the go.
  • Level 12: Grappling Gun – Traverse the environment with ease.
  • Level 14: Pal Essence Condenser – Extract essences from Pals for crafting.
  • Level 17: Mega Grappling Gun – An upgraded version for greater mobility.
  • Level 20: Average Feed Bag – A larger bag to satisfy your Pals’ hunger.
  • Level 22: Hip Lantern – Light up the dark corners of Palworld.
  • Level 26: Large Feed Bag – Ensure your Pals never go hungry.
  • Level 29: Single-shot Sphere Launcher – Capture Pals from a distance.
  • Level 32: Giga Grappling Gun – Even more reach for exploration.
  • Level 35: Huge Feed Bag – The ultimate solution for feeding your Pals.
  • Level 38: Scatter Sphere Launcher – Capture multiple Pals at once.
  • Level 40: Lily’s Spear – Wield a powerful weapon in combat.
  • Level 42: Decal Gun Set – Customize your gear with unique decals.
  • Level 45: Giant Feed Bag – A colossal bag for your Pals’ needs.
  • Level 47: Hyper Grappling Gun – The pinnacle of grappling technology.
  • Level 50: Homing Sphere Launcher – Never miss a Pal capture again.

Prioritizing which technologies to unlock first depends on your playstyle and immediate needs in the game. Consider what will most benefit your current situation and plan your boss battles accordingly.


Ancient Technology Points Palworld are a valuable asset that can significantly impact your progress and enjoyment of the game. By defeating tower bosses and Alpha Pal bosses, you unlock the potential to craft advanced technology that will aid you in your journey through Palworld.

Whether you’re looking to improve your base, enhance your exploration, or gain an edge in combat, these points will unlock the doors to new possibilities.

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