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How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

    Last Updated on February 3, 2024

In the realm of Palworld, gearing up for battle is more than just a matter of having strong Pals by your side. Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld play a pivotal role in crafting gear that can withstand the game’s toughest encounters. Let’s discuss how to get Ancient Civilization Parts in order for you to craft all the items and necessities you need in Palworld.


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Understanding Ancient Civilization Parts Palworld

Ancient Civilization Parts Palworld

Ancient civilization parts Palworld are among the most coveted resources, crucial for crafting advanced gear such as personal shields. These shields act as a second health bar, recharging quickly to keep you in the fight longer. Understanding how to obtain these parts is essential for any player looking to gain an edge in combat.

Farming Ancient Civilization Parts from Bosses

Bosses are your go-to source for ancient civilization parts in Palworld just like how they drop ancient technology points. Whether it’s an overworld Alpha Pal or defeating dungeon bosses, each victory brings you closer to the parts you need. Engaging these powerful foes not only tests your combat skills but also rewards you with the materials necessary for survival.

To farm ancient civilization parts Palworld effectively, it’s crucial to understand boss respawn mechanics. After defeating a boss, such as the easily defeated Lv. 11 Chillet near the Fort Ruins. There’s a waiting period before you can challenge them again.

This cooldown is roughly one hour for Sealed Realm bosses. To keep track, stand by the entrance portal where a countdown timer will inform you of the next encounter.

Chests as a Source for Ancient Civilization Parts

Chests scattered throughout Palworld’s diverse landscapes and dungeons are treasure troves that may contain ancient civilization parts Palworld. Locked chests, in particular, offer a higher chance of yielding these valuable items. To unlock them, you’ll need keys, which you can obtain by defeating various enemies across the world.

Alternative Sources and Lucky Pals

Leezpunks, known for their raids on your base, are excellent sources for keys. These dark creatures also roam the tropical region south of Mount Obsidian. This volcano is where you can engage them for a chance to secure Copper and Silver Keys. These keys will unlock the chests that potentially hold the ancient civilization parts Palworld you seek.

In addition, sometimes you can see rare Pals which looks like they are shining and they are larger than normal. These are Lucky Pals and they also drop Ancient Civilization Parts when you defeat or capture them. However, they are rare so you need a ton of luck to encounter multiple Lucky Pals in one go.

The Use of Ancient Civilization Parts in Crafting

The primary use for ancient civilization parts Palworld is in crafting personal shields. These energy barriers can be the difference between victory and defeat in extended battles. When you find yourself overwhelmed, take cover and let your shield recharge. This will give you a strategic advantage over your adversaries.

There are plenty of other uses for Ancient Civilization Parts in crafting such as the Egg Incubator, Hip Lantern, and other technologies. In addition, you also need it for crafting weapons, armor, and plenty of others. You will always need this resource no matter what stage you are in the game so make sure to stock up on these parts always.


Gathering ancient civilization parts Palworld is a vital step in fortifying your character for the challenges that lie ahead. With the insights from this guide, you’re now equipped to seek out these parts and craft the gear that will carry you through the toughest of Palworld’s battles.

Remember, the path to power is paved with the remnants of ancient civilizations, so venture forth and claim the strength they offer.

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