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Complete Location of Palworld Alpha Bosses

Complete Location of Palworld Alpha Bosses

    Last Updated on January 28, 2024

In the thrilling world of Palworld, players seeking a challenge will find themselves drawn to the formidable Palworld Alpha Bosses. These enhanced versions of Pals offer not only a test of combat prowess but also the chance to capture unique creatures that stand out in any collection. This guide will lead you to the locations of these Alpha Bosses and provide tips for engaging them in battle.


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The Significance of Palworld Alpha Pals

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Palworld Alpha Pals are no ordinary creatures. they are the titans of their species, boasting greater strength and presenting a tougher challenge than their regular counterparts. Defeating a Palworld Alpha is a testament to a player’s skill and strategy, often rewarding them with a sense of accomplishment and valuable resources.

Detailed Guide to Palworld Alpha Boss Locations

Here’s a list of all Palworld Alpha Bosses, their levels, and where you can find them:

  • Chillet – Level 11: Located south of the Fort Ruins fast travel point, this icy adversary awaits.
  • Dumud – Level 14: Found southeast of the Ice Wind Island fast travel point, Dumud presents a rocky challenge.
  • Penking – Level 15: A chilly encounter south of the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings fast travel point.
  • Grintale – Level 17: A formidable foe located northwest of the Marsh Island Church Ruins fast travel point.
  • Azurobe – Level 17: This aquatic Alpha can be found north of the Ravine Entrance fast travel point.
  • Nitewing – Level 18: Seek out this Alpha southeast of the Ice Wind Island fast travel point.
  • Felbat – Level 23: Lurking southeast of the Forgotten Island Church Ruins, Felbat awaits challengers.
  • Kingpaca – Level 23: Roaming northwest of the Small Settlement fast travel point, Kingpaca stands ready.
  • Katress – Level 23: South of Islandhopper Coast, Katress presents a swift challenge as an alpha in Palworld.
  • Bushi – Level 23: Find this Alpha south of the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster fast travel point.
  • Broncherry – Level 23: On the west of the Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef, Broncherry can be found.
  • Quivern – Level 23: North of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant, Quivern soars.
  • Fenglope – Level 25: Southwest of Ascetic Falls, Fenglope awaits in the cold.
  • Petallia – Level 28: Venture north of the Ancient Ritual fast travel point to find Petallia.
  • Beakon – Level 29: South of the Deep Bamboo Thicket, Beakon is perched.
  • Elphidran – Level 30: Southwest of Hypocrite Hill, Elphidran makes its nest.
  • Broncherry Aqua – Level 30: East of Ascetic Falls, this variant of Broncherry resides.
  • Warsect – Level 30: Southeast of the Goblin’s Turf, Warsect prepares for battle.
  • Mossanda Lux – Level 31: Northeast of the Natural Bridge, Mossanda Lux shines.

Alpha Pals Locations Palworld Cont.

  • Elizabee – Level 31: North of the Lake Center, Elizabee buzzes with power.
  • Univolt – Level 31: West of the Sea Breeze Archipelago Church, Univolt charges up.
  • Relaxaurus Lux – Level 31: East of the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon, Relaxaurus Lux rests.
  • Lunaris – Level 32: Northwest of the Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef, Lunaris glows in the dark.
  • Verdash – Level 35: Just south of the Sealed Realm of the Swift, Verdash awaits.
  • Mammorest – Level 38: East of the Grassy Behemoth Hills, Mammorest roams.
  • Wumpo Botan – Level 38: Northwest of the Eastern Wild Island, Wumpo Botan blends in.
  • Vaelet – Level 38: Northeast of the Sealed Realm of the Guardian, Vaelet stands guard.
  • Sibelyx – Level 40: Northwest of the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance, Sibelyx shivers.
  • Ice Kingpaca – Level 43: South of the Land of Absolute Zero, Ice Kingpaca reigns.
  • Menasting – Level 44: Far south of the PIDF Tower, Menasting lurks.
  • Jormuntide – Level 45: Southeast of the Investigator’s Fork and northeast of the Mossanda Forest, Jormuntide prowls.
  • Suzaku – Level 45: Southeast of the Duneshelter, Suzaku blazes as an alpha in Palworld.
  • Anubis – Level 47: Northeast of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant, Anubis guards.
  • Dinossom Lux – Level 47: West of the Deep Sand Dunes, Dinossom Lux waits.
  • Astegon – Level 48: West of Mount Obsidian, Astegon stands tall.
  • Blazamut – Level 49: Northwest of the Ancient Civilization Ruins, Blazamut breathes fire.
  • Lyleen Noct – Level 49: Northwest of the Unthawable Lake, Lyleen Noct haunts.
  • Necromus – Level 50: Northwest of the Deep Sand Dunes, Necromus casts a shadow.
  • Paladius – Level 50: Also northwest of the Deep Sand Dunes, Paladius challenges the worthy.
  • Jetragon – Level 50: On the western edge of the map, west of the Ruin Fortress City, Jetragon soars.
  • Frostallion – Level 50: East of the Land of Absolute Zero, Frostallion stands resolute in the cold.


The hunt for Palworld Alpha Bosses is one of the most exhilarating aspects of the game, offering players the chance to test their skills against the strongest Pals in the wild. With this guide to Palworld Alpha Boss locations, you’re now equipped to track down and challenge these formidable foes.

Whether you’re after the thrill of the fight or the reward of a rare capture, the Alpha Bosses of Palworld await. Happy hunting, and may your battles be epic!

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