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Best Water Type Pals Tier List in Palworld

Best Water Type Pals Tier List in Palworld

    Last Updated on February 7, 2024

In the diverse ecosystem of Palworld, Water Type Pals are as essential as the seas they inhabit. These aquatic allies are not only formidable in battle but also vital for maintaining your base. This guide will navigate you through the Best Water Type Pal in Palworld, ensuring you make a splash with your team selections.


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The Strength of Water Type Pals

Water Type Pals in Palworld are known for their versatility. They can be powerful in combat, especially against Fire Type Pals, and their abilities often play a crucial role in base operations. Understanding the strengths of the Best Water Type Pals can give you an advantage in both resource management and battles.

Ranking the Best Water Type Pals in Palworld

8. Fuack 

best water type pals palworld

At the start of our list, Fuack emerges as an excellent early-game Best Water Type Pal Palworld. This Pal is ideal for beginners, offering abilities like Watering that can kickstart your farming endeavors. While not the strongest, Fuack is a reliable companion that introduces players to Palworld’s mechanics.

7. Relaxaurus 

best water type pals palworld

The Relaxaurus is a dual Water and Dragon Type Pal, making it a versatile choice for your team. Its ability to serve as a mount speeds up your exploration, and its Partner Skill, Hungry Missile, adds firepower in combat. Relaxaurus is a well-rounded Pal, suitable for a variety of tasks.

6. Celaray 

best water type pals palworld

Midway through our ranking, Celaray shines as a Best Water Type Pal Palworld for its transportation prowess. With the ability to glide across distances and a skill set that supports crop watering, Celaray is a valuable asset for players looking to expand their base operations efficiently.

5. Surfent 

Surfent stands out as a mountable Water Type Pal that excels in aquatic environments. Thanks to its Swift Swimmer skill, it allows for stamina-free travel through water, making it an excellent choice for exploration and combat. Surfent’s high damage output also makes it a formidable ally in battles.

Top-Tier Best Water Type Pals in Palworld

4. Suzaku Aqua

Suzaku Aqua, the Water variant of Suzaku, brings power from the skies. As a flying Pal, it not only allows for swift travel but also boosts Water attacks when mounted, making it a lethal force in combat. Its impressive Watering ability further cements its status as a top-tier Best Water Type Pal Palworld.

3. Broncherry Aqua

Broncherry Aqua, a Water and Grass Type Pal, offers a unique combination of abilities. It provides extra storage, making it incredibly useful for transporting supplies. Its high Watering level and mountability make Broncherry Aqua an indispensable Pal for late-game players.

2. Azurobe

Approaching the top of our list, Azurobe is a powerful endgame Pal with a mix of Water and Dragon abilities. Its Waterwing Dance skill enhances Water attacks, and its mountability ensures players can traverse bodies of water with ease. Azurobe’s strength and design make it a favorite among players.

The Ultimate Water Type Pal

1. Jormuntide

best water type pals palworld

At the pinnacle of Water Type Pals is Jormuntide, a Pal that combines Water and Dragon elements to deliver massive damage. Its mountability and high Watering level make it the ultimate Best Water Type Pal Palworld, ideal for traversing water and tending to large-scale farming needs.


From the supportive early-game Fuack to the mighty Jormuntide, the Best Water Type Pals in Palworld offer a range of abilities to suit any player’s needs. Whether you’re looking for combat strength, transportation efficiency, or farming support, these Pals will ensure you have the power of the seas at your command. Dive into Palworld with these aquatic allies and let them lead you to victory.

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