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Best Electric Type Pals Tier List in Palworld

Best Electric Type Pals Tier List in Palworld

    Last Updated on February 5, 2024

In the electrifying world of Palworld, Electric Type Pals are a dynamic force, vital for both combat and powering your base. These Pals not only bring a spark to battles but also keep the lights on and machines running smoothly. This article ranks the best Electric Type Pals in Palworld, highlighting their unique abilities and the advantages they offer.


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The Power of Electric Type Pals

Electric Type Pals in Palworld are more than just shockingly good allies; they’re powerhouses that can turn the tide of battle and keep your base operations humming. Their ability to generate electricity is crucial for late-game buildings and machines, while their combat skills make them formidable foes against Water Pals and valuable allies in your quest for dominance.

Ranked List of Best Electric Type Pals in Palworld

Univolt Palworld

7. Univolt 

Starting our list is Univolt, the unicorn-like Pal with a lightning bolt for a horn. As the seventh-ranked Electric Type Pal, Univolt adds Electric Damage to your attacks when mounted, making it a thrilling ride. You can find Univolts near the Cove Mineshaft, making them one of the more accessible Electric Type Pals in Palworld.

6. Rayhound 

The sixth spot goes to Rayhound, a swift ground mount that excels in speedy exploration. While not the top choice for generating electricity, Rayhound’s agility makes it a valuable Pal for traversing Palworld’s vast landscapes. Head to the Arid island to catch this quick companion.

5. Dinossom Lux 

Midway through our ranking is the Dinossom Lux, a hybrid of Dragon and Electric types. This Pal enhances Electric attacks while mounted, making it a formidable ally for those with Electric abilities. To find or create a Dinossom Lux, players can either breed a standard Dinossom with a Rayhound or venture into the Furthest Mineshaft.

4. Beakon 

Claiming the fourth spot is Beakon, the sole flying mount among Electric Type Pals. Beakon excels in long-distance travel and can deal additional Electric damage in combat. For resource transportation and combat support, Beakon’s skills are invaluable. Seek out this Pal in the desert near the Deep Sand Dunes.

Top-Tier Electric Type Pals

 Best Electric Type Pals Palworld image

3. Relaxaurus Lux 

The Relaxaurus Lux earns the third rank with its dual Dragon and Electric abilities. Not only can it generate electricity efficiently, but it also comes equipped with a missile launcher for mounted combat. The Relaxaurus Lux can be found in the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon or bred by combining a Relaxaurus with a Sparkit.

2. Orserk 

Just shy of the top rank is Orserk, the best Pal for generating electricity with a level 4 skill. Orserk’s prowess in combat and ability to drop more items from defeated Water Pals make it a powerhouse. To find Orserk, players must venture to Wildlife Sanctuary No.3 or breed a Relaxaurus with a Grizzbolt.

The Ultimate Electric Type Pal

Grizzbolt Palworld Best Electric Type Pals

1. Grizzbolt 

At the pinnacle of our list is Grizzbolt, the iconic, fuzzy Pal armed with a massive machine gun. Grizzbolt’s versatility in combat and base operations, along with its ability to generate electricity, handiwork, transporting, and lumbering, make it the best Electric Type Pal in Palworld. Find Grizzbolt in Wildlife Sanctuary No.1, but approach with caution to avoid poaching penalties.


The best Electric Type Pals in Palworld offer a blend of combat might and base utility that can significantly enhance your gameplay. From the accessible Univolt to the mighty Grizzbolt, each Pal brings unique strengths to your team. Seek out these electrifying companions to supercharge your journey through Palworld.

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