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Overwatch 2 Director Responds to Negative Reviews on Steam

Overwatch 2 Director Responds to Negative Reviews on Steam

    Last Updated on August 21, 2023

Overwatch 2 Director, Aaron Keller, responds to review bombing on Steam. Although review bombing is not rare, it still hurts companies and creators alike. However, the reviews for the Overwatch 2 Steam Launch might be 100% truthful in that regard. This is where Aaron Keller had something to say about the review bombing.

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What Did the Overwatch 2 Director Have to Say?

In a recent blog, Keller said that he acknowledges the review bombing that the game faced on Steam. He also admits that it wasn’t a pleasant experience for the development team. However, Keller goes on to highlight that the majority of the player base loves Overwatch 2.

The Overwatch 2 Director went on to say that they always made an effort to listen to player feedback. After all, these criticisms culminated the game into the best state it has ever been. Yet, it does beg the question, “Why did they start review-bombing Overwatch 2 on Steam?”

Well, one thing we can take note of is that the players are not satisfied with the PvE cancellations. Chinese players also expressed their frustration due to the game’s shutdown in China. This led to the community banding together online and venting their grievances on Steam’s feedback feature.

Although sympathizing with the players, the Overwatch 2 Director says he cannot turn back the clock. As much as they also wanted to bring the PvE to the game, they could not deliver. So, he stated that they would remain committed to the expansion and enhancement of the existing game. This would entail the Story Missions that the developers recently added to the game.

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