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Why Was the Final Fantasy 15 Story Flawed?

Why Was the Final Fantasy 15 Story Flawed?

    Last Updated on June 2, 2023

Final Fantasy 15 was not a flop in terms of sales, but it was a critical disappointment for many fans. Based on my personal experience, I had a great time playing Final Fantasy 15. Although I enjoyed playing it, I have to admit that there are certain points where I felt as if I could have played something much better. The main culprit of this is the Final Fantasy 15 story itself. No matter how much you loved the game, there is no denying that the Final Fantasy 15 story is its weakest point. To clarify, it isn’t bad by all means; just very disappointing. It does not hold a candle to the story masterpieces most FF games accomplished.

In this article, we aim to take a look at why the Final Fantasy 15 story was seen by many as a disappointment. Below, we will discuss its flaws and how Square Enix could have made it better in our opinion.

FF15 Story: Its Many Flaws

The story of Final Fantasy 15 was flawed in a number of ways, including:

  • Poor pacing. The game’s story starts off slow and then picks up speed in the middle, only to slow down again towards the end. This can make it difficult for players to stay engaged with the narrative. It honestly felt as if the game is rushing at some points, derailing the overall flow of the story. The FF15 story ultimately suffered because of this.
  • Confusing plot. The game’s plot is convoluted and difficult to follow at times. This is due in part to the game’s multiple timelines and the fact that a lot of important information is withheld from the player until late in the game. At one point, understanding what is happening right before my eyes became a challenge in itself. That is a recipe for a disaster if I saw one.
  • Lack of closure. The game’s ending is unsatisfying for many players. This is because the game’s major plot threads are left unresolved. At the end of the game, the player had more questions rather than answers. Only bad endings could do that.
  • Underdeveloped characters. The main characters in Final Fantasy 15 are all likable, but they lack depth. In fact, most would have trouble remembering the names of other characters apart from the main guy, Noctis. This is due in part to the game’s rushed development, which didn’t give the developers enough time to flesh out the characters’ backstories and motivations. Final Fantasy games are famous for their memorable characters that stick with you even after playing the game. Unfortunately, the Final Fantasy 15 story doesn’t have that.

FF15 Story: How It Could Have Been Better In Our Opinion

Here are some specific examples of how the story could have been better in our opinion:

  • The game could have started with a lengthy flashback sequence that would have introduced the characters and explained their motivations. This would have helped players connect with the characters and understand why they were on their journey. Yes, the game has certain flashback scenes, but they aren’t well enough to capture the personal investment of players.
  • The game could have slowed down the pacing in the first half of the game and given players more time to explore the world and learn about the characters. This would have made the game feel more immersive and would have helped players to become more invested in the story.
  • The game could have explained the plot more clearly. This would have made it easier for players to follow the story and understand what was happening. In most cases, simplicity is better than complexity. The FF15 story is a testament to that.
  • The game could have given the player more choices that would have affected the outcome of the story. This would have made the game feel more personal and would have given players a greater sense of agency.

Final Words

Final Fantasy 15 Story Noctis and Luna

Despite its flaws, Final Fantasy 15 is still an enjoyable game. The game’s strengths, such as its beautiful world and fun combat system, more than makeup for its weaknesses.  However, it’s clear that the FF15 story could have been much better if it had been given more time to develop. Yes, Square Enix tried fleshing out the game’s narrative even more with DLCs, but some just felt that it was a little too late.

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