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Why Subway Surfers is Still Popular in 2023

Why Subway Surfers is Still Popular in 2023

    Last Updated on May 17, 2023

Subway Surfers is one of the classic mobile video games that took the world by storm. Thanks to its arcade-like gameplay, everyone got hooked and found the game enjoyable. It is a great time-killer that does not require you to grind for hours upon hours.

While the game is still popular today, some might forget that 2012 was the year of its release. It has already been 11 years since its release and it is still relevant. Why did the endless runner, Subway Surfers, stay afloat in a world chock-full of video games?

In this article, we will figure out the answer to that question.

Subway Surfers is Still Relevant?

There are only a few instances where a game can survive multiple years on the mainstream. The chances of that are even slimmer when it comes to mobile games. However, Subway Surfers has done the impossible and we are here to dissect how they did it.

One reason why they managed to stay afloat is because of simplicity. While that may not prove effective for video games in general, mobile games are different. The accessibility of the game thanks to mobile devices is unmatched. Add into that the fact that it is not too difficult to play and you have yourself a game.

While the game is in fact simple and easy to pick up, it still provides a sense of accomplishment. The game managed to strike a balance between difficulty and simplicity. Subway Surfers is not too difficult, but it is challenging enough to keep you hooked.

In addition to everything stated above, the game design itself is worth taking a look at. As all of us know, Subway Surfers is an endless runner where you will strive to stay alive and get all the coins you can in one go. The endless fun with a hint of progression is unsurprisingly what makes an addicting game.

To top off my point, what makes the game more enticing is the high scores feature. While that is a simple feature in itself, an arcade game is not complete without high scores. After a while, you will find yourself compete with friends over your high scores.

The game design and addictive nature of Subway Surfers is a recipe for success. With all of the things above combined, you can see the reason why it is an eternal game that will stay afloat for more years to come.

Subway Surfers Statistics

If you don’t believe that Subway Surfers is relevant, why don’t we let the numbers show us the story. Global downloads of the game has now reached over 2 billion downloads. Now that is a large chunk of the total population this 2023.

If downloads are not enough as a metric for you, there are plenty of numbers to help you think clearly. Subway Surfers’ monthly users are at a 150 million estimate, while daily active users are over 20 million. I am not kidding and I can see why a lot of people play this game until now.

We have already covered why the game is addicting and the millions of players still playing it certainly sees that in the game. While it is popular, it also made a huge amount of money with its revenue numbers shooting through the roof.

The total revenue accumulated by mobile game Subway Surfers have reached the $1.5 billion mark. It is an understatement to call the game a success. The game is a huge success and all of the numbers suggest the same thing. All we can say is kudos to the developers for making a very successful game.

Why People Use It In TikTok Videos

We are not done yet with this article because there is something that we still need to discuss. Another reason why Subway Surfers is still running on the mainstream is because of TikTok. TikTok is a social media platform that has gained popularity over the years.

If you are not aware, a recent trend on TikTok saw people using the gameplay of Subway Surfers as a means to make a video. Usually, they use it more as a background for their own stories to tell. The reason why people use Subway Surfers is because of its dynamic and colorful gameplay. Moreover, everyone knows about Subway Surfers so that is a good way to get an audience.

Using the gameplay of Subway Surfers is a way to get the audience to keep watching your video and listen to your story. It certainly proved effective because the trend is still ongoing until now. Due to the game becoming a trend on TikTok, Subway Surfers got a resurgence of new players leading to what it is today.

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