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Why Genshin Impact Is Bad? (For Some)

Why Genshin Impact Is Bad? (For Some)

    Last Updated on May 11, 2023

No game is perfect. Hoyoverse’s Genshin Impact is no exception. With it nearing its 3-year run, the open-world gacha game has its fair share of highs and lows. While calling it awful is a stretch, here are some reasons why Genshin Impact is bad for some.

It’s Gacha System

Now, the whole essence of gacha is pulling for the chance to get a desired character. So at its core, there is supposed to be a chance system in it. You are never certain about what you are going to get in the game.

The issue lies in the low percentage to win a 50/50. Not to mention, reaching pity can take so much time if you’re not a “whale.”

Yes, there is a soft pity, but the odds of that happening aren’t that common. Even if you are guaranteed a five-star character or equipment, if you lose the first 50/50, that’s a big crawl. Just increase the odds to a fair percentage and you’re good to go.

The Lack of a Skip Button

Dialogue in games is great, but it may not be for everyone. Most video games come with a skip dialogue button so that they can advance further into the game. Genshin, however, doesn’t. And if you’ve played the game long enough, you know how long their dialogue can be.

Why Genshin Impact is Bad Lack of Skip Button

So add the fact that you can’t skip scenes entirely and you have a dragging experience if you are not into cutscenes. Adding a skip button at least gives the option for people to skip. If you love the dialogue, then all you need to do is not skip. Everyone wins.

Resin Cap

There is a resin cap for a reason. While Genshin is a fun game, you’re not really meant to play it for long periods of time. Apart from playing the main questline or event quests, the day-to-day is a different story.

A regular routine involves doing daily quests and making use of your resin. But, 160 may not be enough. Raising the resin cap to maybe around 200 might be better for players.

When is this not enough? Well, good luck trying to go on an artifact run with just 160 resin. This translates to the next issue.

Resin Gated and RNG Artifact Runs

Artifacts are what make a character shine. Well, leveling them and their weapon up is also crucial, of course. Although there is great importance in giving them artifacts. This is where their health, attack, and crit stats come from. 

Now not only are you limited in resin, but also in how many artifacts drop per domain run. Even with condensed resin, it still may not be enough. And even with that, you’re only allowed to hold a maximum of 5.

As for the RNG, the odds of you getting the stats you desire aren’t that likely.  You can go days, weeks, maybe even months without good substats. And that’s just for one character.

So what can be done? There can be an increase in 5-star artifacts. That way odds are increased and you won’t be that likely to spend resin and time.

To Conclude

To ask why Genshin Impact is bad just feels quite wrong, to be honest. If you can get over its apparent flaws and annoying game systems, what you have here is a great gacha game. In fact, it can also be a great open-world action RPG game, if you want to look at it that way.

Nevertheless, Genshin Impact is a polarizing title and perhaps will be as long as it lives. There are just as many people who love it as those who don’t.

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