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Why Do Games Love the Tank Meta So Much?

Why Do Games Love the Tank Meta So Much?

    Last Updated on December 9, 2022

Hello, everyone! I am back once again to ask the age-old question, why do video games love the Tank Meta so much? It is no surprise that no matter the genre, there will always be a tank character in a game. Tanks are characters that have high health and high damage reduction that also offers utility and deals a respectable enough amount of damage. 

Why did I resurface this question, you might ask? Well, League of Legends and Overwatch might be planning to uplift the status of tanks in their respective games reviving the tank meta once again. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve the usefulness of tanks, but I, for one, am not happy with the tank meta. 

The tank meta is annoying as hell. What is fun about hitting an enemy over and over? Then the enemy will laugh at your face because you are just tickling him with your pathetic damage. But then again, it is a bit fun to shake things up a little, and who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy the tank meta for once. If you can’t beat them, you might as well join them. 

Is League of Legends Tank Meta Incoming? 

Original Splash Art for League of Legends

Patch 12.23 is out and about, and you might notice in your games that the tanks are more potent than they seemed to be before. LoL tank meta might be coming to take over your games, so let us analyze what made them stronger. 

Since patch 12.22, multiple tank items have been introduced in the game. While the patch only buffed Cho’Gath, the introduction of the new tank items positively impacted the tanks overall. Jak’Sho, the protean, Radiant Virtue, Heartsteel, and the reiteration of Rod of Ages made their debut in patch 12.22. Abyssal Mask, Randuin’s Omen, Sunfire Aegis, and Turbo Chemtank were also adjusted to increase their effectiveness. 

Patch 12.23, however, buffed multiple tank heroes to enforce further that the Tank Meta is coming in hot. We saw the likes of Amumu, Cho’Gath, Malphite, Maokai, Sion, Zac, Tahm Kench, and even the new hero K’sante receive buffs. Jump on the wagon before it gets taken away. The tank meta is here, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. 

Overwatch 2’s New Tank Hero: Ramattra

Tank Ramattra from Overwatch

Ramattra, the newest Overwatch hero, was released to the official game on December 6, 2022. With Overwatch’s release of Ramattra, will the Overwatch Tank Meta come sooner than later? 

Ramattra is a Tank hero with an interesting concept behind him. He has two forms with the ability to switch between these forms in the middle of a game. His standard form is his Omnic Form. During this form, he has a more humanoid appearance. He wields a staff that does a surprising amount of damage. Although he does not look much like a tank, he still has an ability that employs a shield. 

His second form is his Nemesis Form. His Nemesis Form lasts about 8 seconds with an 8-second cooldown before you can use it again. In this form, Ramattra will change in appearance and appear more menacing and massive than in his standard form. He will grow two huge arms to use as a weapon in Nemesis form. Then, he can punch through shields and multiple enemies at once. 

Although it is too early to tell whether Ramattra fits right in the meta of Overwatch, his addition to the game might be a precursor that the Tank Meta coming to Overwatch 2. 

If you think that I am correct that the tank meta is getting a little too old, why not check out our website and read some of our other articles? 

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