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Why Fire Types Make the Best Starting Pokemon

Why Fire Types Make the Best Starting Pokemon

    Last Updated on April 21, 2023

Starting Pokemon are the beloved bunch of the Pokemon world. You start your Pokemon journey with them and end it with them. With having the option to choose between three Pokemon, why are Fire Types almost always gets chosen?

In all generations, you have the choice to begin your journey with a Water, Grass, or Fire Type. These companions will accompany you in your whole journey in whatever Pokemon game you are playing. Choosing between the three is always hard because the ones you will not choose are not available to catch. 

While choosing a Starter Pokemon is a rough decision, most trainers always go with Fire Type Starters. Now before we dissect this topic, I am one of those who always choose the Fire Type Starter. I only choose the other ones when I replay the game. 

The Fire Type Shortage

One of the main reasons why the Fire Type Starters always get chosen is due to the Fire Type Shortage. Not all generations suffer from this shortage, but there are one too many generations with this problem. 

In the Johto region, barring Typhlosion, the only Fire Type Pokemon available in the game are Magcargo, Houndoom, and Magby. While Magcargo and Houndoom are very capable Pokemon, the lack of choices contributes to this fiasco. However, I do believe that Typhlosion deserves its flowers (with Feraligatr a close second).

Another example is in the Sinnoh region. Not counting Infernape, there are only three available Fire Types in the region (pre-national dex). The lack of Fire Types forces you to pick Infernape as your starter. Additionally, Infernape is a monkey with fists of fire (just how cool is that?).

Lastly, Torchic also became popular due to the Fire Type shortage in Hoenn. While Blaziken is popular in its own right, Swampert and Sceptile make a strong case for themselves. Personally, I believe that all of Gen 3’s starters were top-notch in design and strength.

The only exceptions to this problem are generations 5, 6, and 8 where fire types are abundant. In addition, the Fire Type Starters in these generations are quite lacking in terms of design. (Yes, Delphox and Emboar. I’m looking at you.)

They Are Also Popular Starting Pokemon

Starting Pokemon Infernape God Mode

In the Kanto region, picking Charmander is a tough decision because of the first two gyms (Rock and Water). But why is Charizard so popular among fans? The answer to that question is in the anime.

Charizard is one of Ash’s aces in the anime with iconic moves such as Seismic Toss and Flamethrower. Its starring role in the anime certainly helped its popularity. Personally, I chose Charmander for the added challenge in the first two gyms. 

Another example is Infernape. Infernape’s part in the anime is similar to Charizard with both being abandoned. To add to that, one of the most iconic moments of the anime is Infernape’s battle with Electivire. Infernape literally went god mode and turned into a Super Saiyan of sorts.

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