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What’s the Best Entry Point for Marvel Games?

What’s the Best Entry Point for Marvel Games?

    Last Updated on April 28, 2023

Marvel fans that are also gamers are eating well these past few years. They have the ever-phenomenal Marvel’s Spider-Man series, the hidden gem Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and so much more. While not as profound as its grip on the movies, Marvel Entertainment is doing extremely well in the gaming space. Yes, there are mishaps (we’re looking at you Marvel’s Avengers), but most of the time, Marvel games deliver. And we, fans of gaming and Marvel itself, cannot be any happier with the current state we are in.

Now that the list of great Marvel games has become more extensive than ever, knowing the best entry point for such has also become crucial. In this article, we aim to share with you what we think is the best entry point for Marvel games today. After playing the game we will be highlighting below, you should feel that appreciation and excitement to continue trying out even more Marvel Games. And with that, let us begin.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Superhero Welcomes You

We can’t honestly think of any other game to best welcome you into Marvel superhero games than Marvel’s amazing Spiderman game developed by Insomniac Games. The developer’s portrayal of everyone’s favorite neighborhood superhero is just so superb. So much so that you’d feel as if you’re playing an MCU movie itself! 

What made us impressed more than anything else is that the game is Insomniac’s own take on the iconic superhero. Yes, they did borrow a lot of elements from the source material, but most of it is original. You wouldn’t necessarily think that, however, due to how well everything is executed. Spider-Man’s intended suit in the game, the story to which the game revolves, the state in which Peter Parker is currently, all that and more is Insomniac’s original take.

Marvel Games Swinging Spider Man

You’d literally feel like you are Spider-Man playing this game. The swinging mechanics feel fluid, filled with momentum, but still very precise. Every combat encounter has that crunch that makes you feel as if you are truly saving the day. The story bits and character developments throughout the game are just next to none in terms of game direction. We can go on and on praising this wonderful title, and we’d still feel like we’re paying it a disservice.

We are so impressed with this game and its short sequel, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, that we genuinely believe it’s better than Rocksteady’s highly-acclaimed Batman Arkham series. Truly, this game isn’t just among the best superhero games ever, it is among the very best the whole gaming industry has to offer. Period.

Noteworthy Marvel Games That Could Be An Entry Point

After giving Marvel’s Spider-Man your time of day, you probably should already be hooked on Marvel games in general. If not, perhaps curious as to how other games within the certain niche play out. Thankfully, Marvel games are varied. You’d have a title you can enjoy no matter the genre you prefer.

For strategy fans, there is Marvel’s Midnight Suns. For Mobile gamers, there is Marvel Snap. To those looking to play something with their kids, you also have several Lego Marvel games to choose from! The options feel limitless already, but Marvel games are just starting to ramp up really. Insomniac, for one, is gearing up for Wolverine’s reintroduction to the gaming space, and we definitely couldn’t wait for it.

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