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What to Expect In Generation 10 Pokemon

What to Expect In Generation 10 Pokemon

    Last Updated on May 4, 2023

With the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, fans of the franchise are already looking forward to Generation 10. While there hasn’t been any official announcement yet, there are already speculations. 

The developer Game Freak has been known for dropping minor hints on its games. With each installment, they have been introducing new features, mechanics, and regions that have kept the franchise fresh and exciting. So what can we expect from Generation 10 Pokemon games?

A New Region to Explore

Generation 10 Pokemon Possible Area

One of the most exciting aspects of any new generation of Pokemon games is the introduction of a new region. Fans are always eager to explore new territories, discover new Pokemon, and battle with other trainers. 

It’s likely that Generation 10 will introduce a brand new region that will offer new challenges and experiences. A potential hint for the new region is the painting in your house on Scarlet and Violet. When interacted with, the text displays “Street, Midday. It depicts a beautiful town in a different region.”

An Open-World Environment

With the recent success of open-world games, it’s possible that Game Freak will continue to create an open-world Pokemon game. The open-world feature of Pokemon Legends: Arceus was well-received by fans.

Additionally, Scarlet and Violet did the same thing and it is already a good step in the right direction. The only thing that Game Freak has to figure out now is how to make it more visually appealing.

A New Type of Pokemon

While it’s unlikely that we will see a new type of Pokemon in Generation 10, it’s not impossible. The addition of Fairy-type Pokemon in Generation 6 was a significant change to the game’s meta.

It’s possible that Game Freak may introduce another new type to shake things up. The addition of a new type occurred in Generations 2 and 6. Since there is a pattern, it is highly likely that a new type will appear in Generation 10.

Graphics Improvement and Less Buggy (Hopefully)

One of the most significant criticisms of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was the graphics and animations. While the game still looked great, it didn’t live up to the standards set by other games on the Switch. Hopefully, Game Freak will take this feedback on board and create a more visually stunning game for Generation 10.

In addition to lacking visuals, the main knock against the game is the sheer number of bugs crippling the game. There have been many complaints and sightings of game-breaking bugs ruining the game for players. 

This is a disappointment for fans because these games command a hefty price. The expectations for a game that comes with a heavy price are high. The least that the developers can do is at least make sure that the games are not too buggy.

New Battle Mechanics

Since the introduction of Mega Evolutions in Generation 6, Game Freak has implemented a new mechanic with each installment. Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, Gigantamax, and the latest Terastrallize features were new features that appeared in their respective games.

Since we received a new mechanic every installment after Gen 6. It is safe to assume that Generation 10 will have a new battle mechanic too. While we don’t know what the mechanic will be, it is surely something to be excited about.

The future of the Pokemon franchise is looking bright. While we don’t know exactly what Generation 10 Pokemon games will entail. We can be sure that Game Freak will continue to innovate and push the franchise forward. 

Whether it’s through the introduction of new features, an open-world environment, or a return to the classic formula. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Generation 10 Pokemon.

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